Seven huge Coronation Street spoilers for this week as Gary Windass keeps a shocking secret

ANOTHER secret could be uncovered this week in the cobbles as Laura Neelan makes a huge decision.

Years after her husband's disappearance, she's adamant on finding him unaware that Gary Windass has a dark secret. Here's the lowdown on this week's Coronation Street drama.

1. Laura makes a decision about Rick

After she came back to Weatherfield and shared the news she was battling terminal cancer, Laura (played by Kel Allen) makes a huge decision.

Determined to get her hands on loan shark Rick's money for her daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson), Laura wants to find him.

Laura decides to hire a private investigator to track down her former husband.

But one Weatherfield resident panics when faced with the news.

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2. Gary panics

Gary Windass (Mikey North) has a dark secret he intends to keep as Corrie viewers know he has actually killed Rick and buried his body in a mysterious location back in June, 2019.

Ready to sabotage her efforts and her plan, tells Laura that he’ll sort a PI himself.

Later, when he meets up with Lenny, Gary explains he wants him to pretend to track down Rick but make no progress whatsoever.

Laura and Gary eventually meet with the PI and when the former explains that she’s trying to track down Rick, the investigator is intrigued to find out Gary was the last person to see Rick alive.

Gary is questioned by the detective about his relationship with Rick but will the PI uncover his secret?

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3. Emma gets dangerously close to Jon

After reconnecting with Jon following Ted's funeral, Emma (Alexandra Mardell) takes a leap of faith and gives their connection a try.

This week, Emma meets in a hotel bar with Ted's grandson Jon, despite Faye's warning to stay away from him as it could compromise their plan to stay out of trouble for the pensioner's death.

Both Emma and Jon enjoy each other's company… until Jon comes up with a suggestion.

The young man asks Emma to head for the Rovers with him, making her panic.

Will she go along with him?

4. Nicky comes back

Kimberly Hart-Simpson was last seen as Nicky Wheatley in the cobbles in September, 2020.

She made her exit as teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) paid off her debts.

Since then, Nicky's current life has remained a mystery.

Coming up, however, Nicky comes back to Coronation Street a fully changed woman, back on the straight and narrow after being a sex worker.

Upon her return, she is looking for Daniel, with whom she shares a past.

This leads to another woman in the teacher's life to feel uneasy.

5. Daisy feels threatened

Nicky goes to the Rovers, certain that she will find someone who can pinpoint her to Daniel.

But when she approaches the bar, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) fears for her relationship.

Unnerved, she lies to Nicky, making out Daniel has moved down south.

She then deletes voicemail message on his phone from Nicky.

Despite Daisy's sabotage, Nicky eventually finds Daniel at school and reveals she was tired of Lytham, where she had built a new life for herself.

Nicky informs Daniel she has applied for a teaching assistant role in his school and he is delighted by the news, agreeing to meet for a drink.

Daniel introduces Nicky to Daisy but the jig is up for the Rovers barmaid as Nicky reveals her lie.

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Lydia is still making Adam's life miseryCredit: ITV

6. Adam risks losing everything

Adam (Sam Robertson) can't catch a break from Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) as she frames him for trashing her flat.

Confronted by the police over the incident, Adam assures them he's innocent.

He claims Lydia cloned his credit card, in a bid to prove to Sarah they were having an affair.

Later on, Adam explains the situation to Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) but a client only makes things worse.

The individual informs he will be taking his business elsewhere after seeing damning online reviews about Adam.

Adam's career is on the line as he soon finds out he's been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and could be struck off.

7. Abi is rushed to hospital

Still reeling from her brutal breakup with Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), Abi (Sally Carman) rekindles her relationship with her old demons.

This week, Abi orders more drugs as she struggles and her son Seb's birthday approaches.

When Kevin returns home from holiday, he finds his wife and Dean Turnbull cosy on the sofa… high on drugs and alcohol.

Furious, he orders Abi to pack her things and get out of No.13 but while she’s in the bathroom, Dean steals Kevin’s garage keys.

Abi then races over to the garage, finding Dean revving a customer’s car, and decides to leap in the passenger seat making a grab for the key.

Dean is too quick and the pair are soon driving down a country road in the stolen car.

Abi's state worsens and she doubles over in pain, which prompts Dean to stop the car.

Abi calls for an ambulance but her phone switches off after running out of battery, leaving her to survey the road in fear.

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) phones her and says that if the stolen car isn't retrieved, their business is over.

When she spots a BMW, Abi hatches a plan and calls Dean, meeting up with him at his lock-up.

But when he inspects the BMW, Abi turns on him and calls the police to report the original stolen car… unaware that Dean overhears her call.

After a talk with Tyrone, Toyah calls Abi and is told by a paramedic that Abi has been hospitalised after an accident.

But what really happened?

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