'Search Party' Stars on How the Characters Are Torn Apart by Fame and Court in Season 3

The dark comedy had a long break after season 2. It was announced that Search Party will now be on HBO Max and was renewed for another season.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to stars, John Early and John Reynolds who were at PaleyFest New York on Oct. 8. This is what they had to say about the characters being torn apart by fame and court after that murder in season 3.

John Reynolds said it’s exhausting how the group is torn apart

Friendships will be at risk this season. That’s because Dory (Alia Shawkat) and Drew (John Reynolds) are charged for the murder of a private investigator. Elliott (John Early) and Portia (Meredith Hagner) are conflicted because they’re asked to be witnesses.

“I mean in the world of the show it’s exhausting because the characters are on the ‘same page’ by the end of season 2,” Reynolds told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And then it’s flipped on its head and it’s just exhausting because you love them. They’re your friends. At the same time they’re f*cking you over.”

This also affected how the cast filmed. “They can’t really be in the same room even because they’re not,” Early explained. “Some of them aren’t supposed to talk to each other.”

He said, “There was kind of [a] heartbreaking feeling in season 2 of their reaction to the murder. I mean at the very least in season 2 they could kind of bond over the trauma. And then all the legal stuff, all the kind of media attention pulls them even farther apart.”

Early added, “It’s very sad. And it’s also sad for us because we don’t get to be in that many scenes together.”

John Early said his character will love the fame


The trial gains a lot of media attention next season. The actors talked about how this relates to a real crime story.

“They definitely play into the kind of like Amanda Knox thing,” said Early. “They’re kind of like ‘millennials who murder’ sensationalism.”

However, don’t expect there to be direct references to Knox. “They just kind of indirectly reference it in the way that especially Dory is treated in the media,” said Early. “She gets nicknames similar to Amanda Knox’s nicknames.”

Elliott loves the fame that comes with the scary situation. Reynolds said his character struggles with it.

“Yeah, I think it’s a rare thing when your whole life you’ve been like ‘normal’ and then you’re thrust into this insane situation and then you become in the limelight with the media,” explained the actor.

“So you’re sort of perceived a certain way or gaining fans even if it’s for the wrong reason,” he continued. “It has an effect. So you start to think ‘Oh people like me’ but then it eats you cause you’re like ‘Well, why?’”

He added, “So there’s just more internal struggle, even more for my character this season, which was fun.”

There are 2 new characters next season


Michaela Watkins will be playing Polly Danziger, a federal prosecutor going after Dory and Drew. Another addition to the show is Louie Anderson who is playing an absent-minded lawyer named Bob.

“It was really fun especially because the courtroom scenes are a long tedious days, tons of coverage,” said Reynolds. “So having people like Louie and Michaela Watkins on there was so fun.”

He added, “Obviously I’m a big comedy fan and a big [David] Letterman ’80s, ’90s fan and Louie has endless stories, sometimes too many stories.”

Season 3 of Search Party will premiere on the same date HBO Max will be available in spring 2020.

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