Sally Nugent blasts BBC co-stars not very kind King Charles relic

BBC Breakfast ask viewers to send in their Royal bric-a-brac

With King Charles III’s Coronation just around the corner, BBC Breakfast presenters Jon Kay and Sally Nugent were keen to know how viewers felt about the historic event.

They were also eager to know what royal relics BBC viewers had collected over the years from royal weddings and Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation.

Jon brought in a piece of memorabilia he purchased in the 1980s which was a porcelain egg cup of King Charles’ head.

Holding the cup up to the cameras, Jon began: “I think this was from the royal wedding in 1981.

“It’s a then Prince Charles egg cup. It’s an egg cup, it’s a bit chipped and it’s got a crack on the bottom.”

Sally chimed in: “It’s well-loved,” to which Jon replied: “I’d forgotten I had it to be honest.”

After looking at its exaggerated features, like a large nose, Sally added: “It’s not very kind!”

Jon agreed: “He’s King, and there you go, I have a King Charles egg cup.”

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He awkwardly laughed: “I mean we have all got these kinds of things, maybe not like this in our homes, in our cupboards hidden away, haven’t we?

“We would love to see some of your royal souvenirs from over the years this morning.”

Sally then revealed their co-star Nina Warhurst had a considerable amount of royal memorabilia in her home.

King Charles’ Coronation is taking place in Westminster Abbey on May 6, with 2,000 guests expected to attend.

Prince Harry will be in attendance but his wife Meghan Markle will remain at home in California.

“In today’s money the 1953 coronation cost around £50 million but estimates for King Charles’s are twice that because of things like security, which weren’t such a big issue back then,” a source told The Sun.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One between 6am and 9.15am.

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