Ranvir Singh panics in awkward Lorraine moment after outdoor fashion tech gaffe

It was Ranvir Singh's last show covering for Lorraine, and she nearly made it right through to the end before a technical fault made everything go wrong.

Ranvir had been speaking to their fashion expert Mark Reyes, who was doing a piece on the boho fashion revival, live from the Glorious Goodwood festival.

At the start of the segment, he mentioned about a storm that had been battering the festival but said he would try to brighten things up with the clothes.

It all then froze and Ranvir was left sitting awkwardly with nothing to talk about.

"Hang on now, we're going to go back to Mark. The wind was blowing, the rain was pouring. I was wondering whether that's caused a slight issue with that."

""We will try to get back to him, he's got loads of gorgeous looks" she added.

Instead of then talking normally to fill the time, panic quickly took over the presenter's face as she realised the segment wasn't coming back.

"Er… erm…. what we'll do now is…erm… what we'll do now is?… erm…. Fashion from Mark?" she said hopefully.

It wasn't to be though, and she continued to struggle. "We can go to….?"

The producers eventually talked in her ear and gave a suggestion, which flustered Ranvir said she didn't understand.

"Now I'm being told there's some things with your house plants. Now I don't understand this!" she exclaims.

"Apparently Mark's got some advice, apparently, on how you can brighten up your house and your mood with some house plants."

"You're not wearing them unless you're Lady Gaga. I don't know what's going on!"

They then put Ranvir out of her misery and cut away to the pre-recorded segment.

Fans were quick to tweet about it.

"Ranvir at her best… With no autocue!" said one.

"What is going on?!" added another confused viewer.

"No, please don't go back to him, this is car crash tv" shared one with a laughing GIF.

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