Queen Charlotte star opens up on boundaries in graphic sex scenes

Netflix Official Trailer: Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

As many Bridgerton fans will know, the popular period drama doesn’t hold back when it comes to sex scenes and the show’s spin-off Queen Charlotte certainly lived up to that expectation. 

After Netflix gifted fans with a Bridgerton spin-off on May 4, they met the likes of Queen Charlotte (played by India Ria Amarteifio) and King George (played by Corey Mylchreest) alongside other key characters like (Young) Brimsley, who is portrayed by Sam Clemmett. 

Speaking on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, Clemmett discussed all the “respectful” environment behind the raunchy sex scenes in the hit period drama prequel. 

During the episode Clemmett, who has an intimate relationship with the King’s Butler, Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) in the series opened up about how powerful it was to bring the first queer love story to the Bridgertonverse. 

The actor began by praising the show’s “brilliant” intimacy coordinators, Lizzie Roberts and Lucy Fennel.

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He said: “So we had a brilliant intimacy coordinator and her team, Lizzie Roberts and Lucy Fennel. Lucy was on set with us every time there was some sort of intimacy and it’s a closed set so there’s less people on set.

“And having the intimacy coordinator there to iron out the way the scene’s gonna be run makes it a very respectful and calm set and we are then able to do our jobs,” Clemmett explained. 

The Young Brimsley star then touched on how he and his co-stars set boundaries with each other and the production team. 

Clemmett detailed: “There’s contractual things in terms of an intimacy rider where you go, ‘This is what I’m happy with, this is me setting out what I’m comfortable to do and comfortable to show,’ and Freddie does the same thing. 

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“So we already know the boundaries on the day and the director very brilliantly, and Lucy as well goes, ‘If anything needs to change on the day or you’re not comfortable about something, that’s fine,” he continued.  

Clemmett also explained how the Bridgteron team achieved the “really sexy” scenes, with the help of the “respectful environment”. 

The star went on to say: “So it’s a really, really fluid situation because it then creates such a respectful environment and then you can focus on the work you’re meant to be doing in the scene. 

“If we’re talking about the first scene that we have, it’s a power play and it’s me trying to get information from Reynolds, and Reynolds is not willing to disclose it. 

“And then you add all the layers onto that and it becomes really heated and really sexy but to be able to create that, you have to have that very open and respectful environment and that’s absolutely how they go about shooting everything in the Bridgerton world,” he revealed. 

Despite the intense scenes, Clemmetts admitted that: “It was absolutely the opposite of sexy in real life.”

“I mean you might, before take a mint and say, ‘Can I just have a quick mint because I don’t feel good about this. I feel like a coffee breath.’ It’s little things like that,” Clemmett added. 

The star then touched on his developing relationship with his co-star Dennis, saying: “Because me and Freddie became such close friends so quickly that you just have a laugh with it because you go ‘this is all a bit silly, all a bit ludicrous’. 

“And that energy, that sort of bubbly energy just adds to the physicality of how the scenes work as well.” Clemmett added. 

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is available to stream on Netflix in the US and UK.

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