Point the finger at Biden! Richard Kemp blasts US President for high speed withdrawal

BBC Breakfast: Ben says he’s been ‘paying attention’ to Owain

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Richard Kemp joined Ben Thompson and Sima Kotecha on Sunday’s BBC Breakfast to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Evacuation efforts for Afghans that worked with the US and UK are ongoing but there are fears not everyone will make it safely out of the country. Kemp placed the blame for the situation with Joe Biden as he aired his frustration at the scenes unfolding in Kabul. 

Thompson began: “Who is responsible for the scenes that we are seeing today?”

“Well if you want to look at a fundamental level you have to point the finger at President Biden who decided to unconditionally withdraw without any restrictions placed upon the Taliban,” Kemp replied. 

“He did so at great speed, too quickly to give the Afghan government chance to readjust and adapt to a totally different situation they faced.

“Even the scenes we’re seeing today would have been a lot less horrific had this withdrawal taken place in October when the Taliban are far less active and powerful.”

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