Piers Morgan takes centre stage as he recounts terrifying burglary on luxury family holiday as he returns to GMB

PIERS Morgan took centre stage on his Good Morning Britain return today as he recounted his terrifying burglary ordeal and painful ankle injury on holiday in St Tropez.

A gang of thieves raided Piers's villa on the last night of his summer holiday, pocketing valuables including jewellery while he and his family were inside.

Recalling the sour end to a dream getaway, Piers told Susanna Reid and the GMB audience: "I got burgled on the last night a bunch of thieves in the house in the bedroom as we slept.

"A flying squad London detective contacted me and some of his family got robbed in Cannes the same week, and he thought it was the same gang."

Piers shared how the detective told him thieves put gas canisters in the air conditioning to knock them out with no regard for the three-month-old baby in the villa.

While the TV star believes the organised thieves had scouted out his own premises days before they struck.

"I can remember a few days before it happened a drone comes over," he said.

"They were working out who was in the villa where to go."

The getaway was sandwiched by two major events: the burglary and Piers's ankle injury.

On his first night Piers suffered an unfortunate accident that left him on crutches for two weeks with a suspected chipped bone.

He explained: "Night one. Part of the fitness regime, I frogmarched down a half mile hill to a local restaurant, came out, badly sprained my ankle and then spent two weeks on crutches and five weeks drinking and eating and putting my foot in ice and trying to have conversations with french doctors."

His hospital trip was fraught as he struggled to communicate with French doctors – who he claimed he was paying "loads of money."

He moaned: "I was driven for an hour to have ultrasound to find out what’s going on and he would only do my achilles, called it fine and point blank refused to do the rest of the ankle."

Yesterday Piers told trolls they would never be able to watch GMB again – unless they tuned in for his comeback.

The presenter, 55, handed them a final warning ahead of his return.

After a two-month break, Piers reunited with co-host Susanna Reid, 49.

He had warned on Twitter: "Memo to all trolls telling me they will not watch @GMB when I return tomorrow: if you carry out your threat, you're banned from ever watching @GMB again. Final warning."

Piers has been praised for his coverage on the ITV breakfast show throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

His biggest fans were counting down the hours for him to be back on-screen.

One said: "I definitely will be watching. Piers and Susanna are the best thing to happen to breakfast TV. No one is compelled to watch, but I’m sure the trolls won’t be able to resist as they feed off something to criticise."

Another added: "Although you drive me nuts at times, really looking forward to your return. You have only spoken the tough truth throughout this pandemic, sadly not everyone wants to hear it and prefers the ostrich approach."

Someone else said: "I haven't watched it since you and @susannareid100 went on your jollys. Back on board tomorrow though."

Piers assured one viewer: "It's going to be a lively return, David… see you from 6.30am."

After signing off from the show in July, Piers admitted it had been a "very long year".

A few days later he posted a snap of himself onboard a flight wearing a face mask from Heathrow airport, saying: "I’m a washed up, knackered pathetic excuse for a celebrity… get me outta here. Bye Britain, it’s been… surreal."

Piers spent much his holiday gallivanting around St Tropez in the south of France hanging out with Joan Collins and updating fans about his lavish surroundings on social media.

Meanwhile his sparring partner Susanna kept quiet online.

Their return was celebrated with a glossy new promo for the show that aired across the ITV network, calling it ITV a "new normal".

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