Pierce Brosnan Remembers Daughter Charlotte 7 Years After Her Death: 'Here's Looking at You Kid'

Pierce had nicknamed his daughter the “custodian of laughter" as Charlotte was “a bubbly, almost kind of goofy, gorgeous girl,” Brosnan’s longtime friend Nancy Ellison told PEOPLE after her death

“Pierce wrote to me after she died that the most intense memory that he had was of always being able to make Charlotte laugh," Ellison added. "He wanted to be able to make her laugh again.”

The late actress had gotten married to her longtime love Alex just weeks before her death. The couple had two children, Isabella, who was 14 at the time and Lucas, who was 8.

Charlotte’s two children were roughly the same age that she and Christopher were when they lost their mother. Following her death, family friends said Charlotte had already made a lasting impact on her children, much like Cassandra had on her children.

“To their mummy, Bella and Lucas were absolutely the pinnacle,” said her close friend Clare Beckwith. “They have always got that for the rest of their life, that their mum just worshipped them. People would ask her why she didn’t move into acting, and she would always say, ‘No, this is my family.’ She wanted to give her family as much love as she could. She was totally devoted to them.”

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