Peter Sarsgaard, Riley Keough Join Jake Gyllenhaal in 'The Guilty'

Ensemble cast will also include Byron Bowers, Ethan Hawke, Bill Burr and Paul Dano

  • “Bubble Boy” (2001)
    One of Gyllenhaal’s earliest film credits is as Jimmy Livingston — a boy without an immune system who lives in a bubble — in “Bubble Boy”

    Buena Vista Pictures

  • “Donnie Darko” (2001)
    Perhaps one of Gyllenhaal’s most notable roles, the actor stars as the titular character in this cult classic about a troubled teenager with disturbing visions

    Newmarket Films

  • “The Good Girl” (2002)
    In “The Good Girl,” Gyllenhaal plays Holden, the love interest of Jennifer Aniston’s character Justine Last. The two start an affair while working together at a local department store

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

  • “Moonlight Mile” (2003)
    After Joe Nast’s (Gyllenhaal) fiancée Diana Floss was murdered in a shooting, he opts to stay with her parents and mourn her loss together

    Buena Vista Pictures

  • “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004)
    In this sci-fi flick, Gyllenhaal plays Sam Hall — a baby-faced teenager visiting Manhattan when disastrous weather strikes

    20th Century Fox

  • “Brokeback Mountain” (2005)
    Gyllenhaal plays Heath Ledger’s lover Jack Twist in one of the most innovative films of all time. The two gay cowboys earned several Academy Awards nods.

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  • “Jarhead” (2005)
    Gyllenhaal stars as real-life United States Marine Anthony Swofford who is deployed to fight in the Gulf War

    Universal Pictures

  • “Zodiac” (2007)
    In “Zodiac,” Gyllenhaal’s character Robert Graysmith is fascinated by a notorious serial killer in San Francisco. He later goes on to pen a book about the self-named Zodiac killer, though the murders remain unsolved

    Paramount Pictures

  • “Brothers” (2009)
    Gyllenhaal stars opposite Tobey Maguire in “Brothers,” a story about a Marine with intense post-traumatic stress disorder


  • “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)
    The actor stars as Dastan in this adventure action fantasy film based on the video game, as Gyllenhaal proves he is capable of taking on a macho persona in an action flick

    Walt Disney StudiosMotion Pictures

  • “Love & Other Drugs” (2010)
    In “Love & Other Drugs,” he plays Jamie Randall — a successful Viagra salesman and Anne Hathaway’s love interest

    20th Century Fox

  • “Prisoners” (2013)
    Gyllenhaal stars as Detective Loki, a somber character who is tasked with the safe return of two girls who go missing 

    Warner Bros. Pictures

  • “Nightcrawler” (2014)
    Gyllenhaal portrays Louis “Lou” Bloom in “Nightcrawler” — a freelance cameraman who shoots crime scenes. Oftentimes, he tampers with evidence for the sake of a better, more profitable shot

    Open Road Films

  • “Enemy” (2014)
    Gyllenhaal is his own co-star in “Enemy,” a psychological thriller about one identical twin who stalks the other

    A24 Films

  • “Southpaw” (2015)
    The actor plays down-and-out boxer Billy Hope in “Southpaw.” The fighter undergoes an inspiring comeback story after the death of his wife (Rachel McAdams)

    The Weinstein Company

  • “Demolition” (2016)

    The actor plays a young finance exec who goes into a tailspin while mourning the sudden death of his wife.

    Fox Searchlight

  • “Nocturnal Animals” (2014)

    The actor played dual roles in Tom Ford’s acclaimed thriller, as both struggling novelist (and ex-husband of Amy Adams’ gallery owner) as well as the protagonist of that writer’s creepy novel.

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  • “Sunday in the Park With George” (2017)

    Gyllenhaal starred with Annaleigh Ashford in a Broadway revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical as 19th-century French artist Georges Seurat.

  • “Life” (2017)

    Gyllenhaal stars opposite Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson as astronauts who discover life on Mars — and it seems less than friendly to human visitors.


  • The acclaimed actor is now starring opposite Ryan Reynolds in a new sci-fi thriller

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