Penny Lancaster stuns Loose Women panel with racy Rod Stewart admission: ‘Lift his mood’

Loose Women: Penny Lancaster says she wears racy Christmas outfit

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Joining the Loose Women panel on Monday afternoon was Charlene White, Coleen Nolan, Linda Robson and Penny Lancaster. Getting into the Christmas spirit, the ladies spoke about their Christmas traditions and what they do to get into the festive mood. Penny left her ITV co-stars shocked, however, as she made a racy confession about her husband, Rod.

Speaking about whether they would hire someone professionally wrap their Christmas presents, Penny revealed: “Rod hates any mess.

“So, up in the loft, push all his stage clothes to one side where they are kept, and we put like a decorating table up.

“And I have everything lined up, the wrapping paper, the bows, the tags, and it’s like a little conveyor belt.

“Sometimes I dress up for it too,” she admitted, but confused by her confession, a dumbfounded Coleen exclaimed: “What? What do you mean?”

Giggling at her co-star’s reaction, Penny explained: “Well, once again, Rod doesn’t really love Christmas.

“He can’t really wait until the decorations are down and the house is back to normal, so that’s why we have lots of parties and family gatherings and carol services to get the spirit going.

“And, you know, just to lift his mood, I put a little feathery lady Christmas outfit on like I wore on Loose Women once before.”

A previous clip of Penny wearing a Christmas dress then played on-screen to which she shouted: “Like that! It puts a smile on his face.”

Coleen was left open-mouthed at the revelation as Charlene added: “You become Lady Christmas, every Christmas do you wear that on Christmas Eve?”

Penny confirmed: “When I’m wrapping, yeah!”

As the Loose Women got into the Christmas spirit, they reminisced about the Loose Women choir, which sang a hit song from The Greatest Showman in 2019.

They were joined by musical maestro Gareth Malone where they brought back the choir and debuted their version of Wham’s Last Christmas.

After they performed, they asked Gareth what he thought of their performance, to which he said: “I thought you were very, very good.

“Well done, it was a spirited performance, you had the moves, it is a very long instrumental break there.”

However, viewers of the show weren’t convinced and took to Twitter to express their opinions on the performance.

@Tashaab04 wrote: “I turned over to Loose Women to hear them destroy George Michael’s song? #LooseWomen.”

@rachel_bamford said: “Could they not have sorted the auto-tune out for that… #loosewomen.”

@_E_T_G praised: “Charlene has the Motown dance moves down! #LooseWomen.”

@JennyGirl added: “Well done, ladies! Christmas fun and spirit is what it’s all about, you certainly got me in the mood.”

@Sandie17679349 said: “Well done, ladies…. Enjoyed your Christmas song xxx #LooseWomen.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV

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