Paul Whitehouse in health update as he heads to heart assessment

Paul Whitehouse reveals he’s going to have a heart assessment

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Paul Whitehouse appeared on BBC Breakfast on Friday morning to discuss his new TV show Paul Whitehouse: Our Troubled Rivers. The show sees the Gone Fishing star investigate whether the nation’s water companies are illegally discharging untreated sewage into our waterways in a bid to cut corners and increase profits. However, in a throwaway remark at the end of the interview he revealed he was on his way to a heart assessment following the chat.

Whitehouse looked somewhat chilly as he spoke from a riverbank via video link.

At the end of the interview the presenters told him to go and get a cup of tea.

This led Whitehouse to reveal: “I can’t get a cup of tea.

“I’ve got a heart assessment they won’t let me have a coffee or anything to eat.”

Whitehouse has been open about his cardiac issues in the past.

Last year the father of three told Saga magazine he had three stents inserted to help widen his coronary arteries.

Describing himself as “lucky” he said: “When I had the heart stents, the guy who did it said, ‘Well I didn’t put them in for you to go and sit by the fire, so get up and go out.'”

“I took him at his word, so I do a lot of exercise to keep myself ticking over.”

The 64-year-old also confessed his condition had made him “more selfish about [his] time”.

“I say to people, ‘Don’t even think about contacting me at this time,” he said.

“Because I will be doing my exercise that I need to do in order for me to be able to function, to talk to you.

“You can’t look after anyone else if you don’t look after yourself,” he added.

In 2019 Paul was forced to cancel the press night of Only Fools And Horses: The Musical in which he played Grandad, because he was struck down by illness.

He turned up the next night looking pale and gaunt.

Ironically, his friend and Gone Fishing co-host Bob Mortimer has also had heart trouble.

In 2015 he underwent a triple heart bypass operation after he was diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Episode one sees him travel through the North of England where he explores the change in the water industry since privatisation in 1989 and what regulations are in place when it comes to sewage discharge into our rivers.

He meets concerned locals in Yorkshire looking to highlight the health of the River Wharfe.

He also meets chart topping pop star turned activist Feargal Sharkey.

Paul Whitehouse: Our Troubled Rivers is on BBC Two on Sunday at 8pm.

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