Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen in candid career confession Wouldnt have chosen it

Amanda Owen discusses cooking for her family

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Our Yorkshire Farm has been giving Channel 5 viewers an insight into Amanda Owen and her family’s life since 2018. The hit show follows the adventures of Amanda, known as The Yorkshire Shepherdess, and her husband Clive on Ravenseat Farm. The 47-year-old has amassed a huge social media following and often shares updates about her nine children, 2,000-acre farm and 1,000 sheep on Twitter. However, in a recent interview, Amanda revealed why she wouldn’t have chosen to be a shepherd. 

As well as her ever-growing flock of sheep to tend to, Amanda also cares for an array of cows, sheepdogs and ponies.

And if her children and farming work don’t keep her busy enough, the Channel 5 star also writes, having published four best-selling books in recent years. 

Her latest book Celebrating the Seasons With the Yorkshire Shepherdess, is a collection of photographs, anecdotes and delicious recipes which she wanted to share with her supporters. 

Although Amanda has made a healthy living from working as a shepherdess, the mum-of-nine admitted in a recent interview she wouldn’t have chosen to go down that career path if things were different.

When asked if it ever occurred to her that she’d have a successful career as a shepherdess, Amanda frankly replied: “Absolutely never. 

“Put it this way, if I was the life and soul of the party, and really enjoyed the company of lots of people, I wouldn’t have chosen to be [a shepherd]. 

“So it absolutely is a turnaround like you would not believe.

“But all the things that you said – “famous” and all the rest of it, which makes me cringe – is farm diversification. The sheep make me a living, on a number of different levels.” 

During an interview with The Guardian, Amanda was asked what was behind the success of Our Yorkshire Farm and her books. 

She replied: “I can’t say that there was ever a moment I thought, ‘Right, this is how we’re going to get Ravenseat to make money.’

“It began with making cups of tea. A simple, simple thing. What do people want who come to visit us? They’re coming on foot, they’re on the coast-to-coast footpath, there’s 16,000 of them walking through the farm every year. 

“They want a cup of tea and a conversation. So from that conversation comes the opportunity, when one of them happens to be scouting for a TV programme.

“That’s where it all began. And guess what I’ve been doing this morning? I’ve been baking scones and I’m leaving my daughter, who’s going back to university next week, making cups of tea. 

“If they come to Ravenseat and there’s a great big sign up saying, ‘Sorry, I’m in Marbella,’ that’s a problem, isn’t it?”

Amanda rarely talks about what she does to unwind from her round-the-clock work but she revealed in the interview she enjoys swimming or going horse riding. 

“The only kind of spa I know about is a Spar shop, so there you go,” she quipped. 

She added: “I’ve always listened to music, and the best thing is at Ravenseat you can turn that volume right up and nobody’s going to complain. 

“I love Goldfrapp, electronica, a bit of trance. God, I sound like I’m so stuck in the past now. I don’t watch any TV at all. I just never think to switch the telly on.”

Our Yorkshire Farm’s fifth series came to an end on Tuesday 16 November, which has now left fans wondering whether Amanda and her family will return for another series. 

Our Yorkshire Farm episodes can be watched on My5. 

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