Olly Murs accidentally flashes his package after dressing as a Mexican singer to prank girlfriend Amelia – The Sun

OLLY Murs accidentally flashed his package after dressing up as a Mexican singer to wake his girlfriend Amelia Tank.

The prankster gave fans a glimpse of his pants after slapping on a fake moustache and a sombrerro to become Mexican Mariachi singer 'Jeff'.

Jeff donned a pink dressing gown despite it not being official Mariachi uniform, and the gown slipped to reveal his tight white pants.

The pesky bard then stormed into Olly and Amelia's bedroom and jumped on their huge bed where Amelia was still sleeping – before blasting her awake with a loud horn.

He filmed his antics and joked he had woken up "with the horn" as he placed the straw hat over his crotch.

Giddy Olly, 35, then sang along to the Gypsy Kings' famous Spanish hit Bamboléo – with his tight underwear in full view.

Amelia had been well and truly pranked by Olly amid their ongoing war, after she spat in his face last week.

Olly's love of pranking his girlfriend blew up in his face last week as she got her own back.

The bodybuilding babe called over her boyfriend and asked him to take part in the animal noise challenge.

She asked him to repeat a series of animal noises including a dog and a cow before she asked him what noise a whale makes.

As he pondered his answer she spat water in his face – just like a whale spurts water out of its blowhole.

Olly couldn't believe he'd fallen for the prank but soon saw the funny side and shared the video on Instagram, writing: "Had a whale of a time with this challenge… thanks babe ."

The couple have been locked in a hilarious prank war during their time in isolation, which has also seen the 35-year-old singer launch Amelia into the swimming pool.


It’s just the latest attack in their ongoing prank war as the pair try to outdo each other with increasingly brutal practical jokes.

These include her sellotaping Olly's phone to his head after he threw her in the pool.

The singer has also ended up with egg on his face and another slap on the head as Amelia upped the ante.

In revenge, Olly has been seen soaking her with a water gun and farting in her face.

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