Nicky feels the pressure with Ally as wedding to Gabby approaches in Emmerdale

Nicky (Lewis Cope) has backed himself into a corner with the long con he and dad Caleb (Will Ash) are trying to pull off in Emmerdale. He’s having cold feet about what he has to do to get the job done, but his determined dad is having none of it.

Nicky is in a pickle – for one thing he is gay and marrying Gabby (Rosie Bentham). That’s bad enough. But for another, he’s struck up a relationship with Ally (Josh Horrocks), who isn’t in the mood to share him for much longer and could be in danger of spilling the beans.

Truth be told, Nicky wants this whole shindig over and done with as soon as possible too, but it’s thanks to his dad he’s has trapped as he is – who’s made it clear this scam is bigger than the both of them.

Thanks to Caleb’s pressure, Nicky managed to get the wedding day brought forward from November by imposing a sex ban on Gabby, quite frankly ingenious. But while he’s managing to keep his dad and future wife happy with their plans, there’s someone else who’s about to voice their displeasure.

It’s the day of the stag and Hen do, and it’s is getting real for Nicky. He’s doing wonders keeping Gabby convinced he’s desperately in love with her and that he’s not in fact homosexual, and even Caleb is happy for once in how things are progressing. But Nicky’s forgotten that Ally is another one he has to pacify, which could be a grave mistake.

With the stag do gathering pace, Ally chooses his moment to let Nicky know he’s done waiting and ramps the pressure up to 10.

Nicky now has a huge problem on his hands. Trying to keep yet another unpredictable person happy, Nicky agrees to meet Ally privately the next day. But is he playing with fire?

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