New Hollywood Podcast: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Tony Revolori Talks Inclusive Casting And Being Mistaken For Different Ethnicities

Tony Revolori is best known for his role as Zero Moustafa in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and since then he has been in numerous films including Dope, The 5th Wave and Table 19. He became part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2017 when he stepped into the role of Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s rival, in Spider-Man: Homecoming and he reprises the character in Spider-Man: Far From Home (which opens in theaters today).

As a real-life comic book fan (he is definitely not a bandwagoner), Revolori knows the ins and outs of Spider-Man lore. That said, he knows that Flash is traditionally portrayed by a white, broad-shouldered type that is cut from the same high school bully cloth as nearly every character Will Zabka played in the ’80s. Revolori, who is of Guatemalan heritage, is aware he doesn’t fit that traditional Flash mold. (FYI: He originally tried out for the role of Peter Parker).

Revolori stopped by the New Hollywood Podcast to talk about how his role and other roles in Spider-Man: Far From Home are changing the game when it comes to inclusive casting in Hollywood. He also shares his Hollywood journey post-Grand Budapest Hotel, Latinx representation, how people mistake him for different ethnicities, and his brilliant idea for a Flash spin-off series. Listen to the episode below.

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