New EastEnders cast member hurls foul mouthed insults at Brian Conley

Normally the EastEnders set is a professional and focused workplace where top notch actors and skilled and experienced crew members combine to bring Albert Square to life for millions of fans. But one new cast member has been disrupting proceedings with some foul-mouthed language, much of it aimed at Brian Conley, who plays Rocky Cotton.

Brian has been on the receiving end of some very colourful insults on set in scenes which most definitely can’t be aired before the watershed. But which cast member would do such a thing?

The guilty party is called Jasper Parrott, mainly because he is actually a parrot. And he’s got quite the gob on him, according to an insider who spoke to The Sun recently.

‘This parrot loves Brian,’ they revealed. ‘It’s been hilarious to watch them between takes.’

Problems started very early on, apparently.

‘The bird has only just started filming, but on its first day on set it went off script with some colourful language which definitely could not be aired before the watershed,’ the source said.

‘It spent much of the take telling Brian he was a w****r. Of course, these animal actors are consummate professionals, so it swiftly got back to work with its beak shut — but everyone was in stitches.’

If only the bird had arrived sooner, when Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) discovered that Rocky, the man she was about to marry, already had a wife.

Rocky hadn’t seen Jo (Vicky Michelle) for over 20 years and had put the fact that he was already married to the back of his mind until he realised he was on the threshold of becoming a bigamist and needed to find his current wife quickly and get a divorce.

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) tracked her down but gave her Kathy’s address, resulting in quite the showdown when she introduced herself to a gobsmacked Kathy.

A few choice words from a potty-mouthed parrot would have come in handy as Kathy wasted no time in calling off the wedding.

The couple have since reconciled and Rocky made a huge gesture to Kathy by lining up an appearance from the iconic Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz for Kathy’s Eurovision-themed birthday party.

But as Rocky attempts to disentangle himself from his relationship with Jo, a custody battle ensues as Rocky is determined to get the parrot back from his estranged wife, and Jasper Parrott makes his debut in Albert Square – causing headaches all round as he apparently often ‘goes off script’ and leaves his fellow actors in stitches as they try to carry on with the scene.

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