Netflix Will Finally Allow Americans to Watch the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

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The tens of Americans reeling in the loss of the Eurovision Song Contest from any American television platforms this year can rejoice: this past season is coming to Netflix.

The streaming platform announced on Friday that not only are they picking up this past season of the Eurovision Song Contest, which ended in May, but they will also be the TV home for US fans who want to watch the 2020 season of the international event.

The Eurovision Song Contest, which started broadcasting in 1956, is an annual song competition between around 50 countries, primarily from Europe, where they submit original songs chosen to represent the country at the finals in front of an international panel of judges.

The contest has launched the careers of musicians like ABBA, Celine Dion, and Johnny Logan.

True Eurovision fans enjoy the contest not just for the songs, but the surprising amount of politics and diplomacy that goes into picking the winner.

Logo had been the TV home for Eurovision in the United States since 2016, but announced the decision not to air the 2019 contest in Tel Aviv at the last-minute.

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will arrive on Netflix on July 22.

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