Neighbours theory: Susan Kennedys exit storyline rumbled in Elly Conway twist

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Susan (played by Jackie Woodburne) recently discovered her husband, Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher), had invested over $200,000 worth of their life savings into a flawed business opportunity. As the couple are unlikely to get their money back, they are going to have to work harder to reclaim some of what they lost but this has made their relationship strained on Neighbours. There are just over two months until the Channel 5 soap is taken off-air and it has been announced a whole face of former faces are going to be making their way back but could Elly (Jodi Anasta) really be on a mission to give her auntie a saving grace?

It was announced earlier this month that more than 20 characters would be returning and Elly would be amongst them, having left Ramsay Street two years ago.

She will be joined by her sister, Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson), who also left Erinsborough last year as it seems the sisters will be paying a visit to Susan.

They could make their comeback as they learn their auntie is suffering from financial woes and knowing Karl has caused her so much heartache over the years, they could offer her a way out.

With her road trip coming to an end, Bea could tell Susan Elly has come to help her pack up her things as she is going to move to Switzerland with her sister.

Wanting the whole family to be back together again, they could tell their auntie to leave her husband and go with them.

Elly could explain there would be more than enough room for them both as she and Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller) have done quite well for themselves.

It would be a heartbreaking decision for Susan to make as she and Karl have been married for so many years and have been through so much.

However, she would know in her heart of hearts his choice to make an investment without telling her would be the final straw.

Packing up her stuff, she would tell Karl she is going to file for divorce and needs to start a new chapter of her life elsewhere.

As one of the most beloved couples to have ever lived on Ramsay Street, it would be heartbreaking to see them go their separate ways.

Hopefully Elly comes back

Jodi Anasta

The actress who plays Elly, Jodi, has spoken out in the past about returning to the show but this was to do with Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly).

Before she had her baby, Elly had a brief romance with Chloe but the pair ultimately decided they were better suited as friends.

But it seemed Elly always held a torch for the Brennan daughter as Jodi explained: “Hopefully Elly comes back someday for Chloe!

“My exit has arrived at the right time, and although all the ‘Chelly’ fans are sad I’m leaving the show, I wouldn’t close the chapter on the couple just yet.

“Because I certainly haven’t,” she told Inside Soap and it is likely the women will bump into each other upon Elly’s return to Ramsay Street.

But Elly’s sole focus could be on helping Susan move away from Erinsborough and as she is happy in her relationship with Shaun, could the beloved character extend the hand of friendship once more for Chloe?

The actress who plays Bea, Bonnie, has also hinted at a return for her character following her departure from the show in 2021.

Bonnie said at the time: “Neighbours was an incredible training ground, and I’ll forever be grateful for all the lessons I learnt there.

“It would be special to return and be reunited with everybody on-screen and off,” she said in an interview with TV Week.

Unfortunately, it is the cancellation of the weekday serial drama which has seen both actresses make their long-awaited comebacks.

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Another person who will be making a return in the final episodes will be Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte), Karl’s former love interest.

It could be, as he realises his marriage is over, Karl would want to make a go of things with the mother of his daughter.

They have always had a complicated relationship but he could feel she was the one who got away because he was married to Susan.

The actress who plays Izzy, Natalie, has made several appearances on the show over the years but this one will be her very last.

Speaking about the show being cancelled, the actress said: “It’s heartbreaking for so many people.”

Natalie continued: “It’s just been such an amazing launchpad for so many including myself. I learned so much on the show.

“To farewell, it feels a bit surreal to be really ending… I think you have to be grateful and go, ‘Wow, it lasted so long and it made a lot of people smile over the years.’

“But it’s hard for everyone, not just the actors, the writers, the crew. So many people have been employed by that show for many, many years

“And it’s nice to see Australian stories told on Australian TV,” she told TV Tonight.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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