MSNBC's Joy Reid Set as 7 pm Anchor; Show Title, Premiere Date Confirmed

It’s official: Joy Reid has been tapped to anchor MSNBC’s 7 pm hour, filling the time slot previously occupied by Chris Matthews, the New York Times reports.

Reid currently presides over the news network’s AM Joy from 10 am to noon on weekends. Her new show, The ReidOut, will premiere on Monday, July 20 and shine a light on “cataclysmic social issues we need to reckon with,” including race, class and policing.

“I am a Black mom, a Black woman, a Black daughter,” Reid told the Times. “I am also a journalist who can conceptualize that pain from a unique point of view. Every day I’m in this job, I’m very conscious of that responsibility to make that collective voice heard. It’s unique to do that as a Black woman.”

The ReidOut succeeds Matthews’ Hardball, which ended in March after the veteran anchor abruptly announced on-air that he was leaving the broadcast he’d led for more than two decades. The move came shortly after GQ columnist Laura Bassett alleged that Matthews sexually harassed her in 2016. In the interim, the 7 pm hour had been rebranded as MSNBC Live and anchored by various hosts from the network.

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