Molly-Mae’s mum swoons over Tommy Fury and admits she ‘wants’ the hunky boxer while India’s mum drools over Ovie in tonight’s Love Island – The Sun

MOLLY-MAE'S mum completely swoons over her daughter's boyfriend Tommy Fury as she meets him for the first time on tonight's Love Island.

As the parents enter the villa, Molly-Mae's cheeky mum drools over the hunky boxer's shoulders.

"Oh my God, look at those shoulders!" Molly-Mae's mum gasped.

"He’s just my type to a T, isn’t he?" her daughter agreed.
White her mum jokes: "I want him."

But she admits she can see the connection between the pair and says: "We actually adore him. The two of you are just amazing."

And Tommy’s mum gives her seal of approval on Molly-Mae.

She says: "You’ve picked a nice girl. She’s a lovely girl. You’re so well suited."

Meanwhile, India Reynolds' mum also fell for her daughter's match.

As Ovie sits down, India's mum jokes: "You're much better looking in real life!"
India's sister tells Ovie: "We've been so excited to meet you. We said if she drew her perfect boyfriend, it would definitely be you."

India's mum adds: "She's absolutely smitten, I can tell. You've definitely got all of our approval."


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