Moira confronts Mack over his baby dilemma and Charity is raging in Emmerdale

When Sarah (Katie Hill) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) return to Emmerdale from Scotland in upcoming episodes, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) is sweating once again as the pressure of keeping the fact that he’s the father of Chloe’s baby a secret starts to weigh on him.

So he’s relieved to hear she’s only back in the Dales for a medical appointment and plans to move permanently to Scotland.

Moira (Natalie J. Robb) notices that there’s a strange atmosphere between her brother and Chloe, but she keeps her suspicions to herself to begin with as she gets stuck in to organising both Charity (Emma Atkins)’s hen do and Mack’s stag.

But later she opens up the topic of babies with Mackenzie. Having misunderstood his reaction to Chloe, Moira assumes that Chloe’s pregnancy is making him think that he wants to have children in the future after all – something that Charity has all but ruled out. Moira asks her brother whether that’s the case: is he really sure he wants to give up the chance to have children of his own to have a life with Charity?

‘She just feel like he still had that longing to be a dad,’ Natalie J Robb explained in an interview with And I think its something that he really wants.

‘That’s why she senses it, because she feels like he’s not telling her everything. And then Moira just really wants to make sure that he’s making the right decision because she thinks it’s a huge sacrifice really.

‘She pushes it enough for him to have a think about it, and to make him question it. But when she realises that he’s adamant on it and he’s alright with it, he tells her that and she just drops it after that. She doesn’t push it too much.’

Not surprisingly, when Charity gets home and finds Moira there sowing doubts in her fiancé’s mind about their future relationship, she’s fuming.

And Natalie told us: ‘The stage is always set with those two! There’s always room for disagreements with Moira and Charity. They’re both very strong characters and they clash at times.’

Moira manages to ignore Charity’s irritation, as she’s more focused on making sure her brother doesn’t make a huge mistake with his life (it’s far, far too late for that Moira) and continues to put pressure on him to seriously reflect on whether he can face a future without a child of his own.

Mack knows he has to say something to Charity who is getting suspicious, so he tells her that Moira is convinced he wants to be a dad more than anything in the world. He insists it’s not the case and Moira is wrong – but Charity doesn’t believe him and bolts for the exit.

Mack tells Moira he’ll never forgive her if she’s ruined his chance of happiness with Charity, but as we’re well aware, there are much bigger secrets just waiting to come out.

And they could leave Moira surprisingly on Charity’s side.

‘I think that’s something that Moira would think is just really crossing a line,’ Natalie told us. ‘I think she’d be really disappointed in Mackenzie actually.

‘So, ‘I don’t think she’d react very well. I think she’d be more inclined to be on Charity’s side than Mackenzie’s. Not that it’s about sides, but I think she’d definitely be disappointed in how he’s gone about it.’

Will the truth soon be out?

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