MH370 Netflix documentary sparks outrage as evidence overlooked

‘MH370: The Final Search’ to unveil new claims

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The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared along with 239 passengers in 2014, and experts are still clueless as to how an entire plane vanished from the face of the Earth. Now, a new Netflix documentary is trying to find the answers to one of the biggest mysteries of the 21st Century, but viewers claimed the initial investigation ignored a vital piece of the puzzle.

Subscribers have accused authorities of glossing over crucial evidence after watching MH370: The Plane that Disappeared.

Netflix’s new docuseries has already garnered controversy upon its release earlier this month.

Some have accused the series of platforming conspiracy theories about the event, while others have found the investigation fascinating.

However, one particular detail about the mystery has left fans frustrated with those in charge of tackling the case.

Many were baffled when the documentary mentioned how some family members of those onboard received phone calls from the passengers before the plane vanished.

One girl claimed she received a phone call from her father during the flight, but the phone stopped ringing when she went to answer.

Others also recalled receiving phone calls and struggling to establish a connection, but authorities informed them there was insufficient technology to trace the calls.

Tarun Sayal tweeted: “Just finished watching the #MH370 Netflix documentary, and I’m livid!”

“How can the authorities dismiss crucial evidence like the strange phone calls that could’ve solved the mystery?

“They just let it go claiming they did not have the technology to trace the signal.”

@BeNessa_ admitted: “This MH370 documentary has given me a headache.

“If that girl had answered her dad’s call the story would probably be different today.”

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@DevPaulC said: “I just watched this #MH370 documentary on Netflix. I’m surprised nobody looked more into tracing those calls and tracking those cell phones. It was 2014. Technology existed already.”

@DivjotGamer27 claimed: “If that girl picked up her dad’s phone or the authorities had taken the action at that time and tracked the phone call, we would have the answer, not theories, about what actually happened to MH370.”

“I don’t get why the girl even questioned answering her father’s phone call!” @chloecoates__ exclaimed.

And @kaeldene wrote: “The MH370 case documentary on Netflix is both so interesting and so insanely frustrating.”

“They had solid pieces of evidence that could have helped them during the first weeks of the disappearance and could have cleared out so many theories, yet they were completely disregarded…”

Director Harry Hewland defended the series in a statement, saying: “More than anything, we want to pull the hidden truths about MH370 out from the carpet under which they’ve been swept.

“[We wanted to] remind people that this is still a story with no ending, a mystery that hasn’t been solved, that somebody out there knows more than the world has been told.”

The three-part drama offers three separate theories to how the airline disappeared, but unfortunately, the world is still no closer to discovering the truth.

MH370: The Plane that Disappeared is available to stream on Netflix.

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