Men lie to me and are scared to speak to me – being on Towie has made dating a nightmare, says Chloe Brockett

CELEBS Go Dating star Chloe Brockett has revealed that dating can be a nightmare because men are too scared to approach her.

The Towie favourite, 21, said that she is also faced with men who lie to her and only date her to become famous.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Chloe discussed her dating dilemmas and admitted that it's hard to date now that she's in the public eye.

The Essex babe said: "Yeah. I feel like people, to even approach me, you've got to have a lot of confidence, because chances are, they probably know who I am.

"They've probably seen me on telly and they probably know my history.

"And then you've got to have a lot of confidence because they're probably worried I'm going to say something to mug you off.

"You've got to be a confident person to approach me."

The TV favourite explained that she finds it difficult to "trust" men and suggested that some lads may have ulterior motives.

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The brunette beauty continued: "And then sometimes it's the worry of are you approaching me because you'd like a little cameo on TOWIE?

"Are you approaching me because you want to tell your mate you spoke to me and I was nice?

"Or do you want to tell your mates I gave you a one-liner? What is it?

"You never know what people's intentions are, you know?

"And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that every person that approaches me has bad intentions. I think it's just hard to trust people."

Chloe confessed that her guard isconstantly up and recalled an incident when a date lied to her.

She said: "I remember once, it was funny, I had a boy say to me, 'Oh, why is everyone staring at you?'

"And I was like, 'I don't think they are.' And he was like, 'Oh, they definitely are.'

"Anyway later on, he's going, 'What's your Instagram?' I go, 'Give me your phone, I'll put it in'.

"Put my name in it, he followed me already. And it was like, why don't you just be honest that you know exactly who I am and what I do?

"I'd rather someone say, 'Oh, I've seen you on the telly. I think you are good.' Or, 'You're a bit bossy,' or something like that. And then we just move past it, you know?

"But sometimes people just feel a bit awkward about saying it, I think."

The reality star and the Made in Chelsea hunk Miles Nazaire, 26, have reportedly sparked up a romance behind the agency's back.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about Chloe and Miles' romance, relationship expert Anna Williamson said: "All is not as it seems, obviously is there any smoke without fire? Absolutely not.

"I always think where there is smoke there is fire but at the same time I think what’s really interesting, and this is being completely upfront with you, the Miles and Chloe are there/aren’t there is still very very much in the question mark phase at the moment and I can tell you this because I am right in the thick of it."

The relationship guru explained that viewers will watch Chloe and Miles go on a rollercoaster of emotions as they figure out if they are more than friends.

"Is there an attraction? Are there feels? Is one of them feeling something and the other ones not? We are very much in this crossroads as we speak. Is it something, isn’t it something – all will be revealed," she continued.

"Chloe and Miles they are both wonderful separately, as a couple who knows?

"But Paul and I are very much watching this play out as we speak and at this point we don’t know where it’s going to go – is it a friendship, is it a relationship, truly we don't know and I don’t think we’ll know until we hit the finale."

Last year saw Chloe become embroiled in heated rows on screen over a fling with James “Lockie” Lock and earlier this month it was revealed that Man City ace Jack Grealish, 26, had whisked her to his Greek bolthole after an all-day boozing session at a beach club.

The pair will be joined by Married At First Sight star Nikita Jasmine, telly host Ulrika Jonsson, 54, Five pop star Abz Love, 42, Apprentice 2019 star Ryan Mark Parsons, 21 and MAFS Australia's Jessika Power, 29.

Celebs Go Dating returns tonight at 9pm on E4.

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