Meet the cast of AJ and the Queen on Netflix – including RuPaul, Josh Segarra and Tia Carrere

COMEDY American TV series AJ and the Queen has dropped on Netflix and it is certainly a show to be excited about.

Let us take you through those who will be starring in one of the giant streaming platform's newest shows.

RuPaul Charles as Robert/Ruby Red

RuPaul plays Robert, an older drag queen from New York City who has spent her career saving-up to open a club.

After managing to raise the $100,000 needed to get the business going, the would-be entrepreneur is shocked to find out she has been fooled by a con artist.

RuPaul is arguably the most well-known and influential drag queen in showbiz.

The American first shot to stardom with the hit single "Supermodel (You Better Work)," but is now the presenter and producer of popular TV series RuPaul's Drag Race.

Izzy G as AJ

AJ is no-nonsense child who lives in the flat above Robert.

With her mother addicted to drugs and not being around to provide for her, as well as having a lack of cash, AJ first tries to steal from her neighbour Robert.

Knowing he was going to leave for Texas and wanting to go with him, AJ then hides in Robert's RV.

AJ is very hostile towards Robert and proves very difficult to handle.

However, as AJ gets to know Robert over time, she starts to trust her road-trip buddy.

11-year-old Izzy, full name Isabella Gaspersz is only two years into her acting career and starring in AJ and the Queen could prove to be her breakout role.

Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis/Cocoa Butter

Louis is Robert's friend and roommate.

Louis, who is also a drag queen, is blind and was also diagnosed with diabetes.

Robert isn't the most responsible person, especially when managing his diabetes.

However, he is a very good friend, an impressive performer, and has a knack for making dresses.

Wooley is best known for his voice work, such as his role in Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

Tia Carrere as Lady Danger

Lady Danger is a former pageant queen who is now a con artist.

Sporting an eye patch, Lady Danger now finds ways to upset the drag-queen by being a port of call for cheap cosmetic fillers.

That's not all, as she also uses her dastardly ways to add in chemicals not suitable for face injections to catch customers out.

Viewers will most likely remember Carrere from playing Wayne's love interest Cassandra in Wayne's World.

She has also starred in the popular Canadian TV Series Relic Hunter.

Josh Segarra as Hector/Damian Sanchez

Josh plays Hector, who is the business partner and boyfriend of Robert.

Robert puts his trust in his partner by giving him his credit card holding all of his life savings.

To Robert's dismay, it later comes back to bite him as Hector vanishes, taking all of the drag queen's money with him.

Segarra has had several recurring roles in television, including a stint in as Adrian Chase in Arrow.

Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna

Katerina plays AJ's mother, who happens to be addicted to drugs.

Teenage Mum Brianna is in a state and AJ is unable to find her at the beginning of the series.

She does not know that AJ has left home to travel to Texas with Robert.

Tannenbaum has had recurring roles in the shows Sweetbitter and The Bold Type.

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