Mayans MC season 2 premiere: Who is the father of Adelita's baby?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season 2 premiere of Mayans M.C., “Xbalanque.”

Mayans M.C. is finally back for season 2, and a lot has changed since the conclusion of the biker drama’s debut season. There’s a new voice behind the show’s theme song, the animals are no longer around, and Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) has swapped his kutte for stylish suits now that he’s serving the Galindo Cartel as Miguel’s (Danny Pino) new consiglieri.

Fashion aside, EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) finally crosses over to the dark side by killing a man with his bare hands. Club president and Alvarez’s cousin Bishop Losa (Michael Irby) proudly watches the prospect end a life from the sidelines. If Bishop had any doubts about backing EZ becoming a full-fledged member of the M.C., they’re gone.

“It’s not enough for EZ just to kill somebody; he can do that. He’s done that,” Pardo tells EW. “There’s this animal inside of him that is slowly coming to the surface. He doesn’t even really recognize it, which I feel is beautiful. But EZ’s intellect is where it’s just not enough to kill somebody, there’s a why and a how. It changed his life, so he wants to know why his life’s changed. Was this maybe something that God allowed to happen? Or did evil men plot these things against his mother? He wasn’t there, and his mother was taken from him just like that. I think fans can expect EZ to really dig into that more this season, as he tries to uncover the source. He’s smart enough to know Happy [David Labrava] is not the source, he’s a soldier. Who was behind it?”

Series co-creator and co-showrunner Elgin James adds, “With such a hyper-violent show, how do you say something new about violence? When people’s arms are getting chopped off and people are getting slaughtered in a cemetery with machine guns… That’s why in that scene we had EZ take a life with his bare hands — it was something so intimate. Yeah, I think it was really beautiful.”

EZ’s brother, Angel (Clayton Cardenas), is all in his feelings this season, and he’s not too happy about this new bond between his “golden boy” sibling and Bishop. And his beloved Adelita (Carla Baratta) isn’t helping things either, by not confirming who the father of her unborn baby is. Angel assumes that it’s his, but the debut episode teases at least one more possible suspect.

“At the end of season 1, you see Angel heading towards this downward spiral. Not only because he finds out that his father has been deceiving him, but that your own baby brother has been lying to you,” Cardenas tells EW. “He’s not been truthful with his intentions. When we start season 2, Angel’s head is spinning. He doesn’t know who to trust, and that also includes Adelita.”

He continues, “You would think that the M.C. would at least have his back. But then you see Bishop, who sponsored Angel in the past, now wants to back EZ. So he’s in this space where he’s wondering who can he really trust? Who really has my best intentions at heart?”

Baratta adds, “I’m worried for Angel too. I honestly have no idea yet as to the identity of Adelita’s baby, because they don’t tell us either. There are a lot of surprises yet to come, so everyone needs to watch this season to find out!”

With no Maury Povich in sight, finding out the paternity of Adelita’s baby could prove difficult. It seems that even Emily Galindo (Sarah Bolger) is curious to know, asking her husband if Adelita has confided the news to him, but she has not.

“That scene in particular is where you first see cracks emerging,” Bolger says. “Where you see lies and mistrust. Where you see her question for the first time the strength of her marriage and the legitimacy of her marriage. It’s a time where you see her buried in work, buried in this want for success with this idea that she can still make this corporation legitimate so she can move her husband out of the cartel. It’s almost like a pipe dream, but one that she’s determined to achieve.”

She adds, “Within the eight months’ span that sort of left from season 1 to where we are now in season 2, you realize that she and Miguel are drifting apart. That’s what that world does to you. The deeper that they move into that sinking sandpit of a cartel, you become secretive and mistrusting. She doesn’t trust her own husband, the man who she would’ve been lost without in season 1. And if Adelita’s baby turns out to be Miguel’s, I think that could be a bit of a deal breaker.”

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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