Mary J. Blige Found It ‘Painful’ to Revisit Difficult Childhood for Documentary

The ‘Be Without You’ hitmaker reveals she struggled to revisit her painful past before she found fame during the making of her new documentary, describing it as a ‘heavy’ experience.

AceShowbizMary J. Blige found it “painful” to revisit the dark moments of her childhood for a new documentary.

The 50-year-old singer has recalled significant moments in her childhood for “Mary J. Blige: My Life“, and she admits it’s been a “heavy” experience.

“To go back and actually show them where the pain came from, it was heavy, but it was nothing because those are my fans,” she shared. “In order to do a My Life documentary, you have to go back and show people what happened, you know? Why it happened and where did all this pain come from.”

The award-winning star – whose childhood experiences inspired her 1994 album “My Life” – was determined to be open and honest with her fans in the documentary.

However, she confessed that it was tough to relive some of her darkest moments.

“That was painful because the most painful part is, ‘Why so much stuff, so much stuff had to happen to a little girl?’ But that happens, you know? Little girls aren’t safe. Little boys aren’t safe,” Mary told Entertainment Tonight.

The chart-topping star has also discussed her mother’s pain during those years.

“Just speaking about all of that and how my mother was single and she was trying to raise us and she was being hurt. And she was in pain,” she said. “And we all was in pain, but we were trying to survive without everyone knowing we were in pain.”

Mary has managed to transform her life through her music career and, looking back on her journey, she can barely believe what she has managed to achieve.

“It’s just beautiful. It’s amazing,” she smiled. “It’s humbling, and for me, it’s just a responsibility ’cause, you know, I got something right. I’m just grateful. I’m so grateful that people love me like that. I never thought I would ever touch people.”

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