Mandy exposed at last as Nancy discovers Ella killed Jordan in Hollyoaks?

Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) returns in Hollyoaks next week, but she soon puts her foot in it when Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) overhears a conversation between she and Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy).

Nancy believes that Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) is not responsible for the death of Jordan Price (Connor Calland), and thus she’s been on a mission to prove such a thing.

Of course, viewers know that her hunch is, in fact, correct and that it was Ella (Erin Palmer) who murdered the drug dealer, but Mandy has gone out of her way to conceal such information.

Upon Luke’s advice, she decided to take Ella away on a last-minute holiday, given that the young girl was struggling in the wake of the crime.

However, Mandy returns to the village in the coming episodes, and she wastes little time in getting wedding preparations underway, after she proposed to Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) last month.

Luke begs Mandy to slow things down, and come clean.

However, Mandy refuses to do so, but as she speaks to her ex, little does she know that Nancy has arrived… and she has overheard their conversation!

Is Mandy about to be caught out at last?

She scrambles for words when Nancy confronts her over what she previously heard, but will the truth finally be revealed?

One to watch: Tuesday March 9 at 7pm on E4.

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