MAFS UK descends into chaos as Morag and Amy clash over Joshs private messages

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The drama heated up in Married At First Sight on Monday night for the third dinner party, and all of the couples shared anonymous letters that didn't hold back with the criticism.

It came after Morag Crichton, 31, dropped a bombshell last week when she revealed that Joshua Christie, 26, had sent her a DM on Instagram.

Josh's wife Amy Christophers, 34, was unhappy when she heard Morag's claim, and on Monday's show viewers saw her ask Josh what had happened.

She pointed out that Morag wasn't a common name and thought that he would have remembered if Morag had messaged him.

Josh denied anything had happened, and Amy said she "wanted receipts" from Morag.

At the dinner party, the couples read out the letters one by one, and some of the messages weren't the kindest.

Amy joked: "Dinner will be served with a side of drama tonight."

At the dinner table Morag and Amy tried to discuss what had happened on the girls day out.

Morag said: "I hope that little thing that game out on girls day didn't cause any problems. Are we good?"

Josh said: "I honestly don't remember. From my side, it feels like as soon as it's going well you're trying to rock the boat."

"I don't want it to be a problem for Amy" said Morag.

"I feel like you're painting me as a f***boy" said Josh, as Morag insisted "it was years ago."

"I don't think it's true" defended Josh, calling her a liar.

Morag defended herself, saying he liked her photos and friend request, and then called Josh a liar repeatedly.

She insinuated he is still a ladies man, and implied he wouldn't be faithful for Amy.

Morag claimed she realised who Josh was as soon as she saw him, but didn't "want to plant a seed of doubt" into Amy.

Viewers were unimpressed.

"Morag is worse than Nikita. What a liar, trying to put doubts in poor Amy's head. Her story has already changed multiple times" raged one.

"Morag is so self-absorbed. Why are you so pressed about a man denying he slid in the dms a year ago, you're a married woman" insisted another.

Morag yelled "Why is this even a thing?"

Amy screamed back: "You brought it up!" as Alexis then brought her out of the room.

It then escalated with Ant and others shouting and arguing with Morag.

He was furious because of her answer when she was asked at the commitment ceremony what she would do with the direct messages.

Josh said he was done and walked out of the room.

Morag continued to cry and defend herself, much to the frustration of viewers who felt she created the whole drama by bringing it up on the girls day.

Married At First Sight continues on E4 Monday to Thursday at 9pm.

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