Lucifer Charlotte Richards return explained: Why did bosses lie about character return?

Lucifer: Netflix releases trailer for season five part two

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Lucifer fans got a surprise character return during season five part two when Charlotte Richards (played by Tricia Helfer) made an appearance. The series showrunners lied to fans before the premiere, explaining she wouldn’t make an appearance. But why did the bosses lie over the character return?

Why did bosses lie over Charlotte Richards return?

Fans were not expecting Charlotte Richards to return in season five part two, in part due to the showrunners’ comments and in part due to the fate of the character.

Earlier in the show, Charlotte was murdered by Goddess who took her body as a vessel while searching for Lucifer (Tom Ellis).

She was eventually resurrected when Goddess decided to leave Earth for the void, however Charlotte was ultimately killed by Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) during the season three episode Quintessential Deckerstar.

Yet, she made a final appearance during season five part two, before she retired with God (Dennis Haysbert) leaving Lucifer to take up the mantle of leader of Heaven.

Yet, fans especially didn’t expect Charlotte to return after a series of interviews with co-showrunner Joe Henderson before the season five premiere, saw him deny her involvement.

Fans are now rightfully confused why Henderson decided to lie ahead of the season premiere.

The series showrunner recently spoke to TVLine to explain the reasoning behind the lie.

He said: “So much of God’s story is his relationship to Lucifer, but it’s also his relationship to Mom – and by the way, I have lied in multiple interviews, saying she was not coming back.

“[Saying] that ‘This is all God’s story,’ because I didn’t want anyone to know about this, so they could be surprised.”

Henderson also went into detail about Charlotte’s character arc throughout the series, explaining why she originally departing into the void.

Henderson continued: “She was the hero of her own story in season two, and God realised that maybe he needed to spend some time in her world after she spent so much time in his.

“Allowing his wife to show him the things that he needs to learn felt like a really nice pay-off for season two, but also growth for God in this season. It was super important to us.”

It is unlikely Charlotte will make another appearance during season six, with God and Goddess now retired from their positions, allowing Lucifer to take the reigns.

Season five part two was filled with shocking moments and surprises for fans, with the biggest one being Lucifer becoming the new God.

During the finale of the season, Lucifer defeated Michael (also played by Tom Ellis) and declared his love for Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

This was the moment that proved to the rest of Heaven and Hell that Lucifer had become more than just the ruler of the underworld, but God of everything.

Anything is possible for season six however, with much of the plot remaining unknown.

Fans should expect many more surprises for the season, as it will be the last for the show.

Netflix confirmed season six would be the final series ahead of the release of season five.

The show was originally only expected to receive five season after Netflix took over the show from Fox, however, the extension was welcome news for fans.

The release date for season six also remains unknown, however, it is expected to drop in late 2021 at the earliest.

There will be 10 total episodes for the final season, six fewer than season five.

Lucifer seasons one-three are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, with seasons four and five available on Netflix.

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