Love Island’s Molly-Mae said the thought of kissing Tommy ‘made her feel sick’ – The Sun

MOLLY-MAE Hague has been accused of faking feelings for Tommy Fury after she secretly sniped that the thought of kissing him made her sick.

My sources say the social media influencer — who is now favourite to win the ITV2 show with Tommy — made the jibe to another contestant off camera days after entering the villa.


And it sparked a flurry of questions from sceptical Islanders, who I hear have been quizzing her since the beginning on her reasons for taking part.

Our revelation will shock millions of fans who have bought into Molly and Tommy’s fairy tale romance on screen.

It comes as Molly was also accused of being a fake by a close pal, who claimed she confessed to having a game plan before jetting to Majorca.

My source said last night: “Molly does seem to be besotted with Tommy. But that definitely wasn’t the case at first. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“Soon after she arrived, she quietly told one of the other Islanders that if Tommy, who liked her from the start, was to kiss her she would probably be sick.

“To go from there, to a full-blown romance is a hell of a U-turn.”

The source continued: “From the minute Molly entered the villa, all of the Islanders were asking if she was really there to find love or if she was just faking it.

“It wasn’t just one person. Everyone was suspicious of her motives from the outset. So she did have to field a lot of awkward questions about why she was there.

“They wanted to know if she was really interested in finding love or if she just wanted to boost her profile and collect the £50,000 prize.

“Molly’s job as an Instagram influencer didn’t help matters because the Islanders felt that the fact she is paid to have a social media profile spoke volumes.

“Molly never confessed to the others she was playing a game but she also never managed to convince them that she was there for genuine reasons.

“The fact that she was so cold to Tommy at first, and then suddenly switched her feelings on, hasn’t done much to dispel the rumour that she is putting it on.”

Earlier this month viewers saw Molly and Tommy become official after the boxer asked her, on a terrace scattered with rose petals, to be his girlfriend.

They were also the first couple to declare their love for each other, as they lay cuddling in bed.

But a pal of Molly’s, who has known her for years, cryptically warned that her actions may be more calculated than they seem.

The friend told me: “Molly had her reasons for going into the villa, and she decided in advance how she was going to play things.

“I could tell you now — based on conversations before she went in — how real she is with Tommy.”

A spokesman for Molly-Mae: “She has gone there to find love and we have no doubt Molly and Tommy are genuinely attracted to one another.”

Next Monday will see the couple up against remaining contenders in a bid to win the show and collect the £50,000 prize money.

Other couples tipped to finish on top are Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames, and Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard.

Anton sock shock

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk once bared all as a naked butler – covering his privates with just a sock.

The Scottish lothario, who worked for Angel Butlers near Falkirk, was providing his cocktail- making services at an Ann Summers party three years ago.

A guest at the party said: “Anton was lapping the attention up. He and the other butlers were making drinks and getting us to play games. He charmed everyone.”

It seems he was quicker off the mark serving up booze at the risque bash than he was finding his match in the Love Island villa.

Island fakery

There were more accusations of fakery after former Love Islander Olivia Attwood laid into Curtis for dumping Amy Hart.

On the professional dancer, who is now coupled up with Maura, Olivia said: “Curtis is playing a game.

“I think he dumped Amy because he heard she was unpopular on the outside.”

Olivia, who has just launched tan line SOSU Dripping Gold Body Tune, continued: “As soon as they weren’t voted into the top three couples, he jumped ship. He wants to win.”

Bella romance may have Hadid. . . again

Model Bella Hadid’s relationship with singer The Weeknd – real name Abel Tesfaye – has had more ups and downs than her hemlines on the catwalk.

But my sources tell me the couple’s four-year on/off romance is on its last legs after a series of furious rows.

One said: “Bella and Abel have had their rough patches in the past, and always managed to make up. But things have now reached an all-time low.

“They are constantly fighting, and friends and family on both sides are beginning to wonder if the relationship might not be what’s best for them.

“They are now hanging by a thread.”

The couple were first spotted together at California’s Coachella Festival in April 2015. They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Grammys in February 2016, but broke up nine months later after their hectic schedules made it difficult for them to spend time together.

The Weeknd moved on with Selena Gomez in 2017, before reuniting with Bella last year.

Last February, they appeared to be more loved up than ever – posting an Instagram snap of themselves in matching camo outfits at Abel’s birthday party.

But on a low-key night out in Malibu last month, Bella looked pensive as the pair were whisked away in a car.

And the source went on: “There are a lot of feelings there obviously, so they could still turn things around. But they have not been happy for a while.”

Late Bey's way out of lion

Disney bosses are definitely not Feeling The Love Tonight for Beyonce after The Lion King star snubbed interviews at the recent UK premiere.

Queen Bey, who voices Nala in the reboot and graced the event with Jay-Z, was pictured chatting to Prince Harry and Meghan on the orange carpet (see what they did there?) after unfortunately upstaging them by arriving late.

But lowlier mortals who had been promised interviews were let down, and a source said: “Disney chiefs were fuming.

“Beyonce was contractually obliged to do interviews on the carpet, but none could be done beforehand because she was so late. Then requests to talk to her afterwards were refused.”

Pop duo

Bebe Rexha and Jax Jones released catchy pop track Harder this month – all about demanding more from a relationship.

And this week Bebe told me how she is demanding of partners too.

She said: “Everyone has a right to be happy in a relationship. I think Harder is a very empowering song. It’s a woman saying, ‘If you don’t step up then get out. I’m giving you everything I have, now meet me half way’. And that can be physical or emotional.

“I tell people to step up all the time, because I think the whole point of a relationship is talking – communicating and meeting people half way. Nothing is ever perfect.”

Bebe, who has said she could fall in love with a man or woman, is currently single, but said: “I’d love to be in a relationship, but it’s too hard when you’re on the road.”

The beg time for Margot

Margot Robbie doesn’t have to work too hard to find work these days.

But the actress was so determined to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood that she sent him a series of begging texts.

And the director revealed that she even continued turning up on set after finishing filming.

He said: “I was doing negotiations with the agents, and one of the things that came up was, ‘After six weeks, can Margot go and do other things?’

“And I go, ‘I guess, yeah, sure’. But all of a sudden I get this note from Margot saying, ‘Wait, what’s going on, what’s the matter? Why are you dropping me?’

“When I explained she said, ‘No, that’s not the idea – I want to be on set when I am not working. I want to be there on the last day!’

“And she was still coming to set when she was done shooting. She also came to every party.”

Margot, who plays murdered actress Sharon Tate in the movie, stars alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as a host of other A-listers. Brad told how the cast had Quentin to thank for all the boozy parties.

He revealed: “Quentin always throws a party for the crew after shooting every hundredth roll of film – and we are still shooting film. So it’s quite a festivity.”

Laughing, co-star Leo added: “A tequila-fest.”


Rugby lads

Rugby aces Ben Foden and Thom Evans decided to make the most of their recent trip to LA for Celebrity X Factor – by going on the pull on nights off.

The lads, filming the judges’ houses stage at Simon Cowell’s pad, got a lot of attention from local girls as they enjoyed boozy nights out during their down time.

But an X Factor source said: “The lads are taking the show very seriously – they’re aiming to go all the way to the final.”

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