Love Island’s Jourdan confronts cringing Danny about relationship live on air

Jourdan Riane awkwardly hit out at lover Danny Williams live on air today as she confronted him over their relationship status.

The couple appear to have grown closer than ever since leaving the Love Island villa, admitting that they had only spent one night apart since they were booted out.

But despite meeting each other's parents, Danny isn't keen to bring out the 'girlfriend and boyfriend' labels just yet.

Appearing on Lorraine, Danny confirmed that they had met each other's parents, joking that they were "in the deep end".

Host Lorraine Kelly probed them about why they weren't officially exclusive, who said: "You've met the in-laws, for god's sakes!"

Jourdan put her thumb and forefinger together as she said: "We're this close… do you know what, I'm just waiting on him. It's him!"

Looking increasingly awkward, Danny said: "We're dating, it's step by step isn't it?"

Jourdan then appeared to backtrack, saying that they had "established [they] are best friends".

"I've always said that I've wanted friendship and then a relationship," she insisted. "We're in a really good place."

There was more awkwardness to come for Danny as he was asked about whether he had spoken to Arabella and Yewande since he left the villa.

"I've reached out to both Arabella and Yewande and I haven't received a response yet," he said.

*Lorraine airs weekdays at 8.30am on ITV

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