Love Islands Coco asked producers for a few of Summers comments to not be shown

Love Island's most notorious bombshell, Coco Lodge has revealed what actually happened between her and Summer Botwe when they had a tense exchange at the Love Island Reunion Show last month.

The ladies who both entered the villa as bombshells in the Casa Amor section of the series came to verbal blows on the ITV2 show when a question to the group, which also included Josh Le Grove, 22, and Billy Brown, 23, lead to an awkward encounter.

In a spat over Coco, 27, allegedly making a move on Josh, Summer, 22, appeared to threaten her co-star by saying: "If you wanna talk about you, we can…" implying there was more to the story than anyone was letting on.

The full moment was not aired on the ITV show though it was reported that Coco left the set following the tense exchange.

Now, however, Coco has given more of an insight into her version of events that evening on her YouTube channel, Coco said: "I'll give you a little bit of insight because there is a TikTok video going round and it is fake news."

She went on: "All of that isn't true. I didn't go on a rampage about sex, people weren't confused and the producers did not take me out. All that happened was Summer came at me and made a comment, which was unnecessary when we were talking about who got with who."

She added: "I was like, oh please are we going to go over this, it's banter. She was aware of Josh's antics since being out the villa and no offence, it seemed like a bit of an excuse you coming for me. If you can't handle a big personality, don't go on reality TV.

"She was making some nasty comments. I'm not going to give too much away about what she said, but they were inappropriate and I would never call people these words."

Coco went on to claim that the scene was "cut", before being checked on by producers and said: "The producers, because of the comments made, wanted to pull me out. I am a sensitive person, I am a crier, so yes I did nearly cry. I don't like having confrontation, especially when someone is my friend."

Love Island fans saw the girls clash during the reunion episode but Coco insisted at the time: "It's just banter. If you can't handle a big personality don't go on reality TV." Summer then hit back with: "Friends don't say certain things, hun, but alright."

During the Facebook Live, when asked her opinion on how the clash was edited she said: "I think all that was cut out was a bit of back and forth, where I was like: 'I don't really wanna talk about this, it's embarrassing it's school girl drama, I don't want to be involved I'm 27'. That was cut out."

She added: "There was a few comments made by her [Summer] that was cut out, which I'd rather not share because they were very nasty towards me and I would rather not even put them out there and I did say that to welfare before the episode aired that I'd rather those comments she made about me not be shown."

She continued: "I don't think there's anything to complain [about] I did see Summer's tweet but the only thing they took out in that argument, to be honest, would look even worse on her so they've actually done her a favour.

"The things she said to me were completely out of line and offensive and not what you would say to a woman or a man. So to be honest, I don't think it's a bad edit in her favour."

Last week, Coco was forced to deny rumours that she'd had a nose job following a fire.

Speaking on Tik Tokker Grace Barry’s podcast Saving Grace, Coco, 27, spoke about the rumours of her supposed accident which spread like wildfire on Twitter. “I’ve seen this everywhere, I was not in a car crash,” she said.

The former Islander shared the same shock as the show’s presenter when she shut down the rumours, saying: “I am so confused where this has come from, I have never been in a fire.

“I have had a nose job when I was 21, however I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t have because you all hate it anyway!”


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