Love Island slam boring Ron and Lana drama but left gobsmacked by Casey twist

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    Love Island fans seem to have had enough of Ron Hall and Lana Jenkin's complicated love triangle and have called their situation "boring".

    For the last few weeks, Lana and Ron have been going back and forth trying to decide whether they are meant to be together, despite the fact Casey O'Gorman has shown an interest in Lana.

    And although Ron has expressed that he wants to get to know Lana more he has also said this to a number of ladies in the villa.

    On Sunday night's show (February 4) Lana was under pressure as had to chose a boy to couple up with.

    Although fans were becoming bored of Lana and Ron, they were clearly shocked that Lana chose Casey in the latest recoupling.

    Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts with one writing: "Love Lana for picking Casey and I don’t understand why they shocked knowing how Ron acts."

    Another penned: Lana finally seeing through Ron's s**r and picking Casey!!! RON'S FACE LOOOL HES SHOCKED."

    A third wrote: "Lana picking Casey is the first time I've genuinely been shocked this whole season."

    A fourth spectator agreed and said: "I’m actually shocked that Lana chose Casey. I was convinced she’d choose Ron."

    But although Lana's unexpected decision did leave many taken aback, some fans still felt that she would still go back to Ron once she feels he's learnt his lesson.

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