Love Island fans rage at Yewande as she trash talks Sir David Attenborough

LOVE Island's Yewande Biala has come under fire for trash talking Sir David Attenborough.

The 23-year-old scientist has been slammed for branding the 93-year-old star "boring" as she criticised his esteemed nature documentaries.

The shock moment came as Yewande attempted to win back her partner Danny Williams, 23, following the arrival of bombshell Arabella Chi.

Speaking in the garden, the hunk commented: "I think it’s well cool when the birds come down to the pool.

"It's like some David Attenborough stuff."

Yewande scoffed: "I hate watching those."

When the Islanders showed their shock at her remark, the Irish beauty continued: "Every single person I know or have ever met says it's amazing.

"But I just find it so bloody boring."

Danny disagreed, saying of Attenborough: "He could be talking about anything and I would enjoy it."

And viewers at home agreed, flocking to social media to share their outrage at Yewande's comment.

One fan wrote: "The fact that Yewande said David Attenborough programmes are boring. Sorry, you got to go now, hun."

Another added: "David Attenborough is a grandfather to all of us and Yewande does not like him.

"She has crossed the line that shouldn't be crossed."

A third tweeted: "Yewande doesn’t like David Attenborough?? Cancelled."


It has been a difficult few days in the Love Island villa for Yewande, with the star feeling threatened when Arabella made a move on her man.

The other Islanders have told her that she needs to show Danny more affection as her cold nature appears to be turning him off.

Yewande attempted to show a more loving side, awkwardly sitting on Danny's chest while he was sunbathing in the garden, but eventually exploded when she was confronted by Arabella.

The beauty admitted that she was "fuming" following their conversation, with the full row set to air later on tonight.

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