Love Island fans fear for Indiyah as they spot Paiges reaction over Dami L-bomb

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans are convinced that Paige Thorne has set her sights on Dami Hope after spying her reaction on Wednesday's programme.

Tonight's latest instalment included the hilarious baby challenge – with the girls treated to a day out of the villa while the boys held the fort with dad duties.

The girls were keen to put their parenting duties behind them as they headed out for a lavish brunch together.

During the gathering, the islanders discussed how things were going with their significant others and Indiyah couldn't wait to share her news.

Speaking to the group she said: "I didn't say anything but Dami dropped the L-bomb the other day," as she grinned from ear-to-ear.

As Indiyah dished the dirt, the camera shot to Paige who quizzed why Dami had taken their romance to the next phase.

Her reaction didn't go unnoticed by online users who shot to their keyboards to warn Indiyah that Paige could be after her man.

One comment read: "Not Paige wanting know why Dami said the l word #loveisland

Another Tweeter said: "Paige gets far too involved in Indiyah and Dami’s relationship, so weird #loveisland."

A third warned: "Don’t believe Paige. #LoveIsland."

"Paige is that annoying girl best friend to Dami , I feel bad for Indiyah #LoveIsland," added a fourth.

While a fifth person echoed: "Paige definitely wants to make little jaydens with Dami cause she is obsessed with him, even from this girls date you would realise it. She is the one that is all over Dami not the other way around. #LoveIsland."

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