Love Island: Anna SCREAMS at boyfriend Jordan after he confesses his feelings for India and savagely tells him ‘no wonder you’ve f***ed over 100 girls’

Love Island’s Anna Vakili was left screaming at boyfriend Jordan Hames after she discovered his feelings for India.

Anna was left fuming after Jordan took India aside to discuss his recent feelings, leaving the girls to defend her as she threw insults his way.

Anna raged at Jordan as she accused him of being a game player and only being in the villa for the show’s £50k prize money.

To which he responded: “If I was playing a game I wouldn’t have stayed with you.”

Anna then raged: “No wonder you’ve only been in one relationship and f***ed over 100 girls.

“No f*****g wonder. Makes sense!”

Jordan denied throughout the entire row that he was “cracking on” with India, insisting that they were instead “having a conversation”.

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Viewers on Twitter took to social media to slam Jordan over his treatment of Anna after he blamed her for wanting to move on and seemingly end things, just one day after he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Former Love Island star Gabby Allen wrote: “That was horrendous to watch. I’m hurting for Anna. Everything about that was all wrong.”

A second added: “Jordan is really trying to blame this on Anna? Wow.”

While a third wrote: “This is so awful for Anna. Jordan should have spoken to her first if he felt like this. They’re DATING.”

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