Lorraine Kelly’s ‘boobs and bum’ weight confession as Piers makes cheeky remark

Piers Morgan made a cheeky remark to Lorraine Kelly at the start of her ITV show as she spoke about her boobs and bum.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter was chatting to Lorraine about gaining weight in lockdown.

Lorraine had spoken about where she gains weight usually, and Piers urged her to reveal what she told him on air.

Piers said: "We were just talking about lockdown weight issues, and you painted a picture of yourself which actually I found quite appealing."

Lorraine replied: "Did you?"

Piers asked if she wanted to share it with ITV viewers as Lorraine replied: "Okay I will because you're very naughty."

Lorraine said: "I just said I always put weight on in my boobs and my bum."

"And I said what are the negatives?", Piers cheekily replied.

At the start of Monday's GMB, Susanna Reid addressed Piers "fat-shaming" her during a podcast interview.

Susanna demanded to know why she looked "twice the size" of Piers today as she remarked: "Is it because I'm overweight?!"

Morgan sarcastically replied: "Oh Susanna, how modest of you.

"Playing the modesty card because-"

Susanna interrupted saying: "Piers fat-shamed me at the weekend!"

"Apparently you called me overweight", she added.

A recent article claimed Piers had "fat-shamed" Susanna as he commented on her weight.

Piers said: "I apparently caused a fat storm by telling a podcast, 'Susanna and I have never been heavier'."

The ITV show aired the interview which saw Piers comment on Susanna's weight.

He was heard saying: "Susanna and I have never been heavier. I'm about 16st and I'm 6'1. I'm hovering on that BMI near what would be classified as obesity.

"I don't want to get there – I want to get down below 100 kilos. And it's not going to be easy."

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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