Little People’s Audrey Roloff slammed for failing to put daughter Ember, 2, in car seat while riding in van – The Sun

FOLLOWERS slammed Little People’s Audrey Roloff for riding in a van without her 2-year-old daughter, Ember, in a car seat.

They couldn't believe the mom of two would not practice car safety with their child.

Reddit users wrote: "They were saying that ember looked tired during the ride as she’s bouncing around in the backseat, I thought she looked TERRIFIED. This is absolutely horrific.

"They obviously drove a perfectly good vehicle to get this car. Why on earth would they move the kids out of their car seats into a van with no safety at all."

Others agreed writing: "I thought the same. This is scary for a kid who routinely knows to go in a car seat and knows to buckle up."

Another added: "Car seat safety is not a parenting choice."

Other social media users commented: "Just bc it's "normal" doesn't mean it's okay or safe. Just bc you're practicing car safety 99% doesn't make you protected against the 1%."

Little People, Big World has been on our screens for the past fourteen years.

The series chronicles the Roloff family and centers around their famous farms in Oregon

Matt and Amy Roloff, who are divorced, are both 4 feet tall and the show documented them raising their kids.

They share four children together, twins Jeremy and Zachary, both 30, Molly, 26, Jacob, 23.

Their divorce was finalized in May 2016 but Amy and Matt still work together on Roloff Family Farms.

Season 20 of Little People, Big World premiered earlier this year and ended with its finale episode last month.

Audrey shared pictures of little Ember in their van named Blue Moon writing: "We got her back!!! So many memories in her and many more to come."

She wrote on other pictures of the family in the van: "Blue Moon came back to us."

In another snap, Audrey acknowledged the haters on her posts saying: "Also if you're looking to recruit some Karen's, these comments are full of em."

Audrey's baby boy Bode James also appeared to be in the car and not strapped into a car seat.

This latest controversy for Audrey comes and she and her husband Jeremy continue their public family feud with their in-laws, Jacob and his wife Isabel.

This follows Audrey's Black Lives Matter posts that had no call to action or information on how fans could work with the movement, which infuriated Jacob.

Audrey also took shots at Isabel and Jacob in past years, criticizing them for living together before marriage.

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