Line of Duty's biggest clues and questions as we try to catch culprit 'H'

LINE Of Duty fans are on tenterhooks for tomorrow as the finale of the cop thriller looks set to land the big fish they have been chasing – arch criminal H.

AC-12 boss Supt Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, has split the bad guys into sprats (small-time) and mackerels (big-time).

But creator Jed Mercurio has also sprinkled in quite a few red herrings, leaving viewers and the anti-corruption team the difficult task of landing the real catch.

We take a look back at the past six episodes, examine the big questions that need answering, and consider where the characters sit in the food chain.

Episode 1

Red herring

TERRY BOYLE: The innocent victim of the OCG framed to look like a killer.


PS FARIDA JATRI: She looks like she could be a goodie or a baddie.


DCI JO DAVIDSON: She is already looking guilty as sin.

The series kicks off with a raid by the Murder Investigation Team (MIT), probing the killing of TV journalist Gail Vella (Andi Osho).

They race to carry out a raid on the home of her suspected assassin, when DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) spots a bookies’ robbery down a side street and stops to apprehend the thieves.

As a result, the operation is put back two hours so when the police get to their destination the only person present is Terry Boyle (Tommy Jessop), who has Down’s Syndrome.

She already seems fishy, but then a member of the MIT, PS Farida Jatri (Anneika Rose), reports Davidson’s questionable behaviour to AC-12. Is Jatri a legitimate whistleblower?

It turns out she was the live-in lover of Davidson, though they are separating, leaving viewers to question whether she could be a pawn of the mobsters trying to take out the police chief standing in their way.

Then Davidson appears to make a pass at DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) at the police station. Is it genuine affection?

Episode 2

Red herring

CARL BANKS: The real occupant of Terry’s flat. Then he is found murdered.


PC RYAN PILKINGTON: The gangsters’ protegee is back but if he is a crook, he’s the monkey, not the organ grinder.


ROHAN SINDWHANI: Throwing hurdle after hurdle in AC-12’s path.

DI Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and DC Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) discover journalist Vella was looking into high-level police corruption.

AC-12 launches an investigation into Davidson’s team, which is failing to make progress on the case.

But their probe is held up a crucial 24 hours after Davidson contacts police chiefs to block it. It is all because she is tipped off by DI Fleming, who has now left AC-12 to work in MIT.

Could Kate be in league with the criminals? If not completely bent, she certainly seems to be siding with some very dodgy characters.

Among them is PC Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper), the child criminal now embedded in the police.

But is he really what he seems? Could he actually be a reformed character helping anti-corruption?

Muddying the waters further is a stand-off between Supt Hastings and the Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti), who seems to be blocking his efforts and in league with DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider).

Could he be the “H” that AC-12 is looking for?

Episode 3

Red herring

DEBORAH DEVEREUX: Claimed Terry is the killer but is then exposed as a liar.


STEPH CORBETT: Appears to be suspicious, but is she in league with criminals or just a pawn?


DET SUPT IAN BUCKELLS: Appears to have been corrupted by the criminals.

Terry Boyle is questioned by the MIT and comes close to spilling the beans on his criminal tormentors.

If there had been any doubt that Pilkington was a baddie, we then watched him try – and fail – to drown Terry by sending the police car he’s travelling in hurtling into a lake.

It begged the question: What information does Terry have that can prove so devastating for the mobsters?

Meanwhile, DI Arnott, who is battling a painkiller addiction, visits Steph Corbett (Amy De Bhrún), the widow of murdered DI John Corbett (Stephen Graham).

He ends up spending the night with her, but is he sleeping with the enemy? He discovers £50,000 of cash in her house, which certainly looks dodgy.

Then it is revealed that shifty witness Deborah Devereux (Kerri McLean), who tried to link Terry to the murder of Vella, is a former lover of DCI Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle), Davidson’s boss on the MIT.

Buckells is arrested by AC-12, but is he really a criminal? And what hold do the mobsters have over him?

Episode 4

Red herring

JIMMY LAKEWELL: We thought he held the key to the mystery then got garotted.


DCC ANDREA WISE: Drops the bombshell about anti-corruption merging and Ted being shoved out


CC PHILIP OSBORNE: Looking more guilty as he tries to crush anti-corruption.

The most action-packed episode yet saw DI Arnott recognise the voice of Jimmy Lakewell in an interview with Vella.

He was the lawyer from series four who was jailed for his dodgy dealings with criminals. But DI Arnott was convinced he has such valuable intel that he took him out of prison in an armed police convoy and offered him witness protection.

He refuses to talk on the record but did he divulge anything privately to Arnott?

Then the convoy is attacked by criminals intent on killing him. While they don’t succeed, he ends up back in his cell where he is bumped off by fellow inmate Lee Banks.

Another bombshell comes as DCC Wise tells Ted she is cutting anti-corruption staff by 90 per cent and he has to retire.

It’s all at the behest of the fishy Chief Constable Philip Osborne, so could they be working in league as bent coppers?

In another scene, Pilkington threatens to bump off Acting Supt Davidson when she tries to remove him from the department.

DNA tests reveal Davidson is related to a sensational figure, but who could it be?

Episode 5

Red herring

SINDWHANI: Far from being Ted’s enemy, he tries to help him and loses his job.


LEE BANKS: He’s becoming more and more active in the murky OCG.


DCI MARCUS THURWELL: The common denominator in both Vella’s investigations.

AC-12 discovers Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie), the major criminal from series one, is the father and uncle of Davidson.

DI Arnott has also learned that Vella wasn’t just probing a VIP paedophile ring involving police but also the botched investigation into murdered youngster Lawrence Christopher.

Both historic investigations involved DCI Marcus Thurwell (James Nesbitt) as well as Det Supt Buckells and Chief Constable Philip Osborne. But which of the three figures could be H?

Another big shock is that, despite Supt Hastings’ fears, Police and Crime Commissioner Sindwhani was trying to protect the anti-corruption units all along.

However, Hastings has another enemy – Lee Banks, who tells DI Arnott during an interview that he tipped off the OCG about there being an undercover cop in their midst. It led to the murder of DI Corbett in series five.

Arnott then discovers it was Hastings who gave £50,000 to Steph Corbett after apparently helping to kill her husband.

The show ends with an epic handgun stand-off between PC Pilkington and DI Fleming, but who survives?

Episode 6

Red herring

ACTING SUPT JO DAVIDSON: A criminal puppet, she’s not bent.


SUPT TED HASTINGS: The evidence is piling up against him – and he’s losing the loyalty of Arnott and Fleming.


DET SUPT PATRICIA CARMICHAEL: She’s attempting to thwart AC-12 at every turn.

DI Fleming survives the shootout and goes on the run with Acting Supt Davidson, who vows to prove she is not bent.

They are caught after an epic car chase, and Davidson is taken in for questioning. There she is told her uncle Tommy is actually her father.

She breaks down, explaining how he forced her into a life of crime from an early age. But who pretended to be her father, and does he have any relevance to the case?

The unlikeable DS Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) is present for the grilling but stops Arnott and Hastings from pushing Davidson on the idenity of “H”. Who is she trying to protect, and why?

But both Fleming and Arnott are growing increasingly suspicious of Hastings as evidence mounts against him. Surely the man who has devoted his life to finding bent coppers isn’t one himself?

Finally police in Spain, where prime suspect Thurwell has retired, are seen raiding his villa, where they find two corpses.

Could one of the decomposing bodies be Thurwell, or is he on the run? Some fans even believe he was one of the Spanish officers.

Episode 7

IT’S the biggest mackerel of them all . . . who is criminal mastermind H?

All will be revealed (we hope!) tomorrow, BBC1, 9pm

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