Linda facing agonising life sentence after tragic death in EastEnders

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) faced more agony in recent EastEnders scenes, as the day of Janine Butcher’s (Charlie Brooks) sentencing dawned.

The Queen Vic landlady has been struggling to cope with the loss of childhood sweetheart Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), after his disappearance on Christmas day.

Having dived into the sea to save Linda, following a car chase that saw her and Janine drive over the edge of a cliff, he was assumed dead when he failed to resurface.

The whole event would not have happened had it not been for Janine’s web of lies.

Her evil ways were exposed over Christmas dinner by daughter Scarlett, where it was revealed that Janine was responsible for framing Linda for drink driving earlier that year.

Following Mick’s disappearance, Janine was arrested for her crime, and is now set to face sentencing having pleaded guilty.

With Janine stepping before the judge, Linda was left feeling down, with the loss of Mick still incredibly raw.

As Karen and Mitch (Lorraine Stanley and Roger Griffiths) offered comfort, Linda pointed out that no matter what happened to Janine it wouldn’t bring her Mick back, and promised that she would put it out of her head and try to enjoy the christening.

However, it was clear that Alfie Moon and Jean Slater (Shane Richie and Gillian Wright) were concerned as they discussed Linda’s situation.

While Alfie hoped that Linda would be able to take her mind off things with the christening, Jean admitted that that would be impossible, and the best she could hope for was that Janine would be sent down for a very long time.

She pointed out that no sentence Janine got would be long enough, as Linda was already facing a life sentence of her own without Mick.

Jean admitted that she had heard Linda sobbing earlier that day, before reflecting on the loss of her own lover.

She warned Alfie to be careful around her, as she needed the chance to get over Mick.

Will Linda ever be able to move on?

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