Katie Price jets off on THIRD holiday as she flies to Turkey on £12,000 surgery trip with Carl Woods

KATIE Price jetted off to Turkey for her latest surgery – and her third holiday.

The 43-year-old was spotted at the airport with her fiance Carl Woods today ahead of going under the knifeagain for a series of costly procedures.

The couple have already flown to Portugal twice since lockdown lifted, which was on the green list at the time.

Turkey is however on the red list meaning the couple will have to stay in a mandatory quarantine hotel when they get back, costing £1,750 per person.

It will no doubt be a time for Katie to fully recover as she is is planning to get full body liposuction, a brow and face lift AND new teeth.

Her surgery splurge at Mono Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey is expected to cost more than £12,000.

Katie put on two stone over lockdown and wants to get the fat "sucked out" of her before starting IVF with fiance Carl Woods.

It's thought the procedures will cost £5,000 for new veneers, £3,000 for a face lift and two grand each for lipo and a brow lift.

Speaking on Steph's Packed Lunch, Katie confessed: "I have tried so much to lose weight, obviously we want a baby and we’re doing IVF.

"I just want to shift some weight before we do it so I am going to have surgery.”

Katie says she has struggled to lose weight naturally since breaking both her feet last summer.

The mum-of-five fell 25ft after jumping off a wall in holiday with her family.

She's had several operations to get her walking again – but it's meant Katie has been unable to run as she normally would to keep fit.

A source told The Sun: "Katie has really struggled to lose the two stone she put on after her foot surgery, because she can't run or stand on her feet for long after her injury – so she'll get full body lipo when she goes to Turkey this summer.

"She's also planning a brow and upper face lift, and she'll get new teeth.

"Katie says this is the only way for her to lose weight."

Katie hopes to get in shape before starting her IVF journey to have her sixth child as she plans to wed for the fourth time.

Katie's rep tells the Sun: "Katie is considering her options and is looking forward to feeling and looking like herself again.

"After overcoming her horrific injuries – two broken feet and subsequent extensive surgery to fix them – Katie has opted for a procedure she deems a mental 'pick me up'.

"She is not addicted to surgery and will be upset if anyone takes this stance.

"Katie cannot run, as is her usual method to shed weight – she has maintained her health and is otherwise fit but the weight remains.

"This weight is also putting pressure on her feet causing her constant pain.

"She has the full support of her friends and family."

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