Katie Price fans ask ‘what are the spots on your lips’ as she poses for natural selfie

KATIE Price has sparked questions about her lips from fans after posing for a natural selfie on Instagram.

She shared a fresh-faced – and very close-up – snap online, writing: "Speak to the LASHES! Everyone’s talking about them anyway 😉😍."

But many were more interested in her mouth – with several spotting a couple of bumps on the star's lower lip.

One asked the 42-year-old star straightforwardly: "Whats the spots on your lips?"

Many fans thought they had the answer to the "bubbles", suggesting it was a result of enjoying the sunshine on holiday in the Maldives.

The star has just returned from the sun-soaked island nation with boyfriend Carl Woods after a three-week luxury break.

One told a follower who pointed out the 'spots': "It’s the sun damage huny.

"After all she’s just back from the Maldives. I get the same in the sun 🌞."

Blistering on the lips is one of the things that can occur after getting too much sun and usually quickly get better in time.

Even four days into the holiday Katie was looking unbelievably tanned as she appeared in a video talking about her dazzling new teeth.

This time last week the star declared she was ready to home home, tagging in the luxury resort she and Carl were staying at.

She wrote: "🏝bronzed and ready to come home last few days @radissonbluresortmaldives then back to my babies ❤️❤️."

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