Kate Garraway steps in to apologise after Good Morning Britain guest swears live on air

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Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has been forced to apologise after a guest swore live on air.

The journalist and broadcaster was joined by Dr Rob Drummond and actress Harriet Thorpe who were discussing whether or not it’s offensive to mimic a foreign accent, after an Italian restaurant owner took to social media to shame diners who mock his accent.

During Wednesday’s show, Dr Rob argued accents are often mimicked to portray someone negatively, rather than positively.

Harriet disagreed and said taking on different accents can be essential to some storylines, like in the comedy Faulty Towers – which is when she accidentally turned the air blue.

Harriet said: “We shouldn’t be racist, we shouldn’t be homophobic, we shouldn’t be antisemitic, we shouldn’t be anti-muslim and mimic and mock people, absolutely not.

“But when you are expressing something and not only in Faulty Towers, he is taking the p*** out of himself, as the terrible owner of this horrific hotel.

“He also speaks in a certain way that we laugh at. It isn’t taking the mickey out of somebody, it’s creating a story and that’s what we do.”

Kate, 53, then interrupted: “We should apologise in case somebody didn’t like your way of describing, you know, ‘joking’, in that way.”

This isn’t the first time Kate has had to apologise after an unfortunate blunder live on air.

Earlier this year in April 2021, the presenter toldGood Morning Britainviewers that she would be interviewing the lateNikki Grahameduring the show.

Nikki, who rose to fame on the hit reality TV programme Big Brother, tragically passed away just days before on April 10 at the age of 38after a battle with anorexia which lasted over three decades.

Kate and co-host Adil Ray, 46, were joined by Nikki'sBig Brotherco-star and ex-boyfriendPete Bennetton the hit ITV breakfast show, but Kate mistakenly said they would be speaking to Nikki herself.

The episode of the news show started with a technical glitch as images of Prince Philip, who died on the same day as Nikki, were shown instead of clips of the reality star.

Adil apologised: "Good morning, erm… a bit of a mix-up with the pictures there.

"We will be paying tribute to Nikki Grahame as well later," he said turning to Kate. "I know you mentioned it yesterday."

Kate then said: "We will be talking to Nikki Grahame as well," before quickly adding: "And we've got one of her best friends Pete who, of course, she dated didn’t she in Big Brother."

Viewers picked up on the mishap, with one taking to Twitter to write: "Kate Garraway just announced she'll be talking to Nikki Grahame later!!"

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