Kardashian fans spot major clue that Kendall Jenner is in a nasty feud with family member after brutal social media move | The Sun

KENDALL Jenner looks like she may be in another Kardashian family feud.

But this time, the dispute isn't with one of her famous sisters.

In what looks to be a subtle snub, Kendall's own father, Caitlyn Jenner, has unfollowed her on Instagram.

However Caitlyn still follows all of her other daughters.

There was no explanation given for the unfriending, but fans online were clearly on Kendall's side.

"So petty to unfollow your literal daughter lol," one person tweeted. "Surprised she didn’t hit Kendall with a car."

Another argued: "Whatever it was Kendall was in the right."

While a third fan declared: "Oh Caitlyn is beyond over. Kendall deserved a better parent."


Kendall's fight with Caitlyn may be new, but the Kardashians star has been involved in a battle with sister Kylie for years now.

The duo have had it out over various things big and small, even coming to blows once.

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In 2020, tensions between the sisters reached an all-time high as they got into a physical fight during a night out.

The altercation was filmed for what was then Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kendall was shown recounting the fight for her family, telling Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and other members: "She, like, smacked me or something and so I came back at her and smacked her in the face, and then she took her heel and put it into my neck."

The fight took place during a trip to Palm Springs after Kylie took the outfit that Kendall was planning to wear.

Kris and Caitlyn's oldest child accused her sibling of ruining her night with the move.

They went out to dinner, where an unfazed Kylie drank and had fun with the family while Kendall – dressed in sweats – sulked.

Her sisters went to a drag show, with Kendall opting to stay in the car.


After the show was over, Kendall had it out with mom Kris' boyfriend Cory Gamble before getting into it with Kylie.

The rest of the family listened on the phone as the duo screamed at one another, with Kim calling her security to go get Kendall.

They spent weeks not speaking to one another, which also played out on KUWTK.

They finally reconnected via Instagram.

Kylie posted a photo of her and her sister, which prompted Kendall to comment, "Aren't we fighting?"

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Her younger sister responded, "Yes but my t**ties are sitting nice in this pic."

On the show, Khloe revealed to her mother, "Kendall said that was the first time they spoke, was from Instagram comments."

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