Judge Rinder says he’ll be TOUGHER on politicians than Piers Morgan if he gets Good Morning Britain job

JUDGE Rinder has said that he'll be tougher on politicians than Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain – if he gets the job.

Susanna Reid’s pal Rob Rinder is now top choice to replace Piers as ITV bosses want to keep the chemistry she enjoyed with her controversial ex- anchor, who stormed off the show last week.

"I think that Piers has been on that show for a few years, I think the politicians and people that whinge about the world that come on that programme to be cross-examined will consider Piers Morgan to be a birthday present," Rob told The Sun.

"If I was on it, that's all I'm saying, no other comment."

Lawyer and TV host Rob is best known for his daytime reality courtroom show Judge Rinder.

But the 42-year-old could be one of several presenters that producers will trial alongside Reid, 50, over the coming months.

An insider said: “The dynamic between the two presenters would be instant because they have been good friends for years — even going on holiday together.

“Though he is often associated with light-entertainment shows, Rob is a no-nonsense lawyer who has the intellectual gravity to tackle any subject.

“And viewers know he will bring a flamboyant element to GMB as well as a sense of fun.”

Rinder and Reid have been pals for seven years and, pre-lockdown, tried to go on hols together.

One such trip included a boozy break on the party isle of Ibiza, where she fell off the wagon.

Gay Rinder joked: “Susanna and I only go on holiday for the sex. It’s just me and her. We have sex morning, noon and night.”

Meanwhile, Rob has delivered his verdict that our vaccine volunteers are “amazing” as he supports The Sun's Jabs Army.

The TV presenter was also impressed with Dr Nuyen Raju, who convinced a sceptical patient that the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab is safe.

Rob visited the Vaccine Bus in Greenwich, South East London, which travels around the borough to people who cannot or will not travel to traditional clinics for their jab.

He said: “I often meet interesting people as part of my job — today I met amazing people.

“I met someone who’s a little bit sort sceptical, and had his questions answered by an amazing doctor.”

Piers' daily rants on Good Morning Britain sparked a Government boycott of the show last year, with ministers refusing to be interviewed by him for 201 days.

Last month Piers had screaming match with Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Piers tore into the Cabinet Minister after a heated debate over the coronavirus outbreak and accused Mr Hancock of not taking the issue seriously.

He screamed “how dare you” as they clashed over the government’s handling of the pandemic.

His hard-hitting interview style saw ratings soar during his five-year stint – whether viewers agreed with him or not.


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