Josie Gibson stuns This Morning viewers by wearing VERY sexy 'bunny' outfit

JOSIE Gibson stunned This Morning viewers by wearing VERY sexy "bunny" outfit.

The telly presenter, 36, left little to the imagination as she went off to play an Easter edition of Dosh on your Doorstep for the ITV breakfast show.

Host Alison Hammond told viewers that they had convinced Josie to dress up as their very own Easter bunny to celebrate Good Friday.

But when the star come out from behind a tree, they definitely got more than what they bargained for.

As Josie revealed herself in a saucy apron dress, fishnet tights and some elbow length gloves, she said: "Well Alison I've had to wear my ice cream sunglasses to cool the situation down because it's about to get hot in here…"

She started to show off her best sexy dance moves and added: "You wanted bunny, I'll give you bunny. Yeah baby! The bunny is in town."

But Josie seemed to have got the wrong end of the stick.

Alison and co-host Dermot O'Leary had to awkwardly tell her that's not the kind of vibe they wanted.

Dermot said: "Josie when I said the Cadbury's caramel bunny that is not what I meant…"

Alison added: "We said something like family friendly… a bunny rabbit? Not like a Playboy bunny! What are you doing?!"

Josie quickly realised what she had done and covered herself up in a panic.

She apologised for the hilarious mix-up and agreed to go and get changed for the segment.

Despite it all being a bit of fun, some viewers of the show flocked to Twitter to share their disapproval of her sexy attire.

One wrote: "How on earth is that appropriate for 10am on Good Friday? Kids are off school fgs! #ThisMorning."

A second tweeted: "Ohhh Dear! Tad early in the morning #ThisMorning."

A third added: "That was too much for 10am…complaints incoming I think #thismorning."

Meanwhile others poked fun at people who thought it was too much.

One wrote: "Josie triggering the snowflakes #ThisMorning."

A second said: "#ThisMorning Queue the complainers! #EasterBunny."

Another added: "If people complain about Josie’s outfit do they blindfold their children on the beach? #thismorning."

Other viewers couldn't get over how amazing she looked.

One wrote: "#ThisMorning josie….made my morning.

Another said: "Josie…looking great, so funny! #ThisMorning."

A third said: "Oh wow @Josiestweet #thismorning"

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