Jon Bon Jovi reveals how he gave Prince Harry Invictus Games song idea – and says he was only royal he HADN’T met – The Sun

PRINCE Harry and Jon Bon Jovi recorded their Invictus Games single yesterday — with the rocker revealing how he wrote to the royal with the idea.

The pair were joined by the Invictus Choir to sing Unbroken at the famous Abbey Road studios.

Jon, 57, wrote the track for US soldiers with PTSD then sent it to Harry with tweaked lyrics last August.

But he feared the project would be binned when Harry revealed that he and wife Meghan were quitting royal duties.

Jon told The Sun: “We don’t have anything like Invictus but I was aware of what Harry was doing and that they have a choir.

"I sent him the song, the lyric sheet and said, ‘I’ve got an idea. You guys should sing this — use it for your Games next year. Here it is, all laid out’.

“It took a couple of months to get to him. So I’m sitting on this for the last six, seven months, never imagining where he was today in light of all of this stuff.

“It was coming together but when he pulled out of his duties, I thought, ‘Well that’s the end of that’.

“They called up in the next day or two and said, ‘Oh, no, it’s on’.”

Harry posted a clip to his Sussexroyal Instagram of them in the studio.

Jon is seen giving advice before playing the melody on an acoustic guitar.

Harry said: “Singing individually is one thing. Singing in the bath, we all do that. When you’re singing together, is that just a different experience?”

Jon joked Harry was the “artist formerly known as prince” and said he’d never forget the experience.

He added: “I think the world of the Queen. And I said to Harry in the letter, ‘I’ve met your brother — he’s sung with me.

"I’ve met your father. I’ve met your grandmother, I’ve met your grandfather, so you’re the only one left!’ ”

William sang Livin’ On A Prayer with Jon and Taylor Swift at a Ken­sington Palace charity ball in 2013.

Later today Harry and Jon joined Invictus Choir members Susan Warner, 60, and Andy Mudd, 63, on the crossing outside the West London studio to recreate the Beatles’ iconic 1969 Abbey Road album cover.

The engagement was one of Harry’s last before stepping down as full-time royal.

Unbroken is out next month and an original version will also appear on Bon Jovi’s new album, out May 15.

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