Jeremy Vine live-streamed lettuce sparks uproar Disgraceful

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Jeremy Vine was curious to know if Liz Truss will still be the country’s leader within the 10-day shelf-life of a lettuce on Friday’s instalment of his Channel 5 programme. Truss has been dealing with a barrage of criticism since she was appointed Prime Minister last month. However, Vine’s lettuce segment sparked an uproar among viewers, with some branding the stunt “disgraceful”.

Vine was filmed speaking with callers in front of a lettuce placed on a stand during the programme which irritated a myriad of viewers who took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Peter Roberts fumed: “#JeremyVine is testing the media watchdog by comparing Liz Truss to a lettuce. I bet he gets away with it. Disgraceful!”

James said: “Is this what it’s come to? Filming a lettuce on live tv? I’m glad I’ve got to go to the dentist now. #JeremyVine.”

Patrick McKenzie added: “A so called ‘responsible broadcaster’ using valued airtime to debate a lettuce. Seriously? The media have a responsibility in these turbulent times.This is just a waste of a license.  #jeremyvine.” (sic)

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