Jeremy Vine listeners appalled as 'clown' guest loses cool and 'shouts' over activist | The Sun

JEREMY Vine listeners were left infuriated after a guest lost his cool and "shouted" over an activist on the show.

Those tuning in to Jeremy Vine's show on BBC Radio 2 heard broadcaster Mark Parry speak to Just Stop Oil's Alex de Koning – but things soon turned sour.

Their discussion comes after the climate activist group caused disruption to hundreds of thousands of ordinary Brits trying to go about their lives.

The latest round of protests saw two protestors occupying the M25 Dartford Crossing bridge, blocking traffic for two days and causing endless delays.

Delving into the reasons behind the protests, Mark ripped into the activist.

He questioned: "I do think you're pathetic. What I'd like you to do, Alex, is I'd like you to really show some courage not just, you know, fake sincerity, but real courage.


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"I want you to go to Saudi Arabia and I want you to go into the middle of Riyadh. Saudi Arabia's the biggest oil producer in the world.

"Go glue yourself to some streets there and find out what sort of reaction you get.

"You're all cowards because you do it only in this country because we're the most civilised and fair country in the world and you know you're not gonna get a baton across your head."

But before he could finish his sentence, Jeremy quickly intervened before things boiled over.

However, those listening were soon left ripping into Mark for his "abrupt and loud-mouthed" interviewing style.

Taking to Twitter, one person fumed: "Jeremy, why do you persist in accommodating the clown that is Mike Parry?"

Echoing the same sentiment, someone else said: "Who is this Mike Parry bloke on Jeremy Vine's show this morning? Disgraceful and distasteful interviewing!"

Just last week, eco-warriors from Just Stop Oil blocked a major junction in Knightsbridge, London – also stopping a fire engine responding to an emergency from getting through.

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Frustrated drivers got out of their cars to plead with the protesters to move.

One man could be heard telling the activists: “I’m trying to get a baby to hospital.”

Despite begging the eco-warriors to move on, they kept blocking traffic.

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