'Jane the Virgin' Star Jaime Camil Teases Series Finale, Reveals Whether He's Team Rafael or Team Michael (Exclusive)

The actor, who plays Rogelio De La Vega on the series, describes the finale as heartwarming, fulfilling and surprising.

The "Jane the Virgin" series finale is less than a week away and according to star Jaime Camil, fans will be "very happy" with the ending.

In an interview with TooFab, the actor teased what’s to come in the show’s two-hour series finale, which also marks "Jane’s" 100th episode.

Camil, who plays Rogelio De La Vega on the series, father to Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), described the finale as heartwarming, fulfilling and surprising.

"Heartwarming, because I think fans are going to be super happy with the outcome," he said.

"Fulfilling," Camil continued. "Fans will be very happy with the outcome because I believe that all the fans will be very happy on how [creator] Jennie [Snyder Uman] — this brilliant a woman that we have as a boss and a showrunner — and her amazing team of writers. They’re going to make fans very, very happy on how every character’s story will end and it’ll close, you know, the circle. So I think it’s going to be fulfilling."

He added, "And I think it’s also going to be surprising because if it wasn’t surprising then it wouldn’t be ‘Jane,’ right?"

Although it definitely seems that Jane will end up with Rafael (Justin Baldoni) — there is only one episode left after all — TooFab asked Camil about the show’s big rivalry. Is he Team Rafael or Team Michael?

Like his character Rogelio, Camil at first wanted Jane with Michael (Brett Dier), however, as the story played out, he decided on a third choice: Team Jane.

"Well, at the beginning of the show, of course, Michael, because as a dad I have a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son," he said. "So as a dad, I think I will always favor the safe choice for my daughter, as Rogelio would do. So Michael was a safe choice and nice."

"And the other one was a playboy, like Rogelio when he was his age," he continued. "But then, you know, as the season progressed and everything, I think that Rogelio found a sweet spot for Rafael. And at the end of the day, Rogelio was no longer Team Michael or Team Rafael, he was more like Team Jane. So whatever made Jane happy and whenever he saw Jane’s face light up with joy and happiness, which was with Rafael, then he eventually accepted Rafael."

Before Season 5 even began, showrunner Jennie Snyder Uman told TV Line the final season would include a pregnancy, a death and a wedding. In Chapter 98, we finally saw evil villain Rose get defeated once and for all. So that just leaves a pregnancy and a wedding. For those who have been watching, the latter isn’t hard to figure out.

TooFab has seen the series finale — and our lips are sealed — but we will say the finale is "straight out of a telenovela."

"Jane the Virgin" series finale airs Wednesday, July 31 on the CW.

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